Contrary to the temptation to resist the trend of beauty package eye-catching (Figure)

The color collision and splicing behave like vitality and publicity, and the color bags that are generally turned round in color palette make people stare at them. This high-profile color game is played by the designers and they add a lot to this season's handbags. taste.

The overall heart-shaped design, with a sweet atmosphere, bronze clip design, adds some retro colors to the bag, add some retro colors to the bag, guess bags will be just right combination of retro and sweet.

The silver chain of the bag, coupled with the wave point ribbon, makes this bag full of female charm and charming charm. It will make your dress style more elegant and romantic, and the romantic taste is fitting with the lady.

Quality LOGO with quality texture, gives you a taste of high taste, the internal space is also enough oh ~ ~ bag texture is very good, but also a super wild, aloof and refined, let you have a good taste of the baby, are Can include it!

The design of the bag is very big! The surface has two small bags embellishment, the design of metal buckles, so that bags store valuable things, more secure, is a wild bag Oh!

Unique circle ornaments surround your heart. The deliberately created folds are both natural and elegant, and the oily eyes, whether on the street or in the alleys, are able to attract people's attention.

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