Hermès brand - the eternal classic of the luxury kingdom

Hermès brand - the eternal classic of the luxury kingdom

In 1837, Thierry Hermes founded a harness brand under the name of his family in Paris. His harness workshop produced a variety of exquisite accessories for the carriage. At the time the most beautiful four-wheeled carriage in the city of Paris, you can see the horse's horse.

In 1879, Thierry's son, Charlie Hermes, expanded the family business. He not only moved the Hermès main store to the famous No. 24 Fubao Avenue in Paris, but also got closer to the local nobles. He also let Hermes come out of Paris and go to European countries. . Hermes made by Hermès was deeply loved by European nobles at the time and her brand became a typical example of French luxury consumption.

In the 20th century, the automobile industry in the United States and Europe became more and more popular, and the market demand for senior harnesses gradually shrank. Hermès converted its production in time and began to develop in the direction of producing multiple varieties. However, Hermès still produces all kinds of leather products with the skill of sewing horses, thus maintaining exquisite handwork and texture. Under the efforts of Emil Hermes, the third generation head of Hermès, Hermès walked into the royal palaces of European countries and became a masterpiece. In 1920, the zippered golf jacket designed by Hermès for the Prince of Wales became the earliest successful design of leather garments in the 20th century, causing a sensation.

Since 1951, Hermes was taken over by Emil's son-in-law Robert Dima. Since the 60s, Hermès has also launched perfumes, suits, shoes, porcelain and other products, and has become a representative of all-round lifestyle. Robert Dima himself is also an excellent designer of scarves. His business made Hermes scarf worthy of worldwide appreciation. In 1978, Jean-Louis DiMa, the fifth generation of the Hermès family, took the position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Group. He developed new products such as watches and table decoration series, which gave Hermes new material and atmosphere.

In the 1980s, with the return of costumes wearing a symbol of identity, Hermès quickly developed with an unexpected trend. Hermès “Kelly” became popular because of the name of Grace Kelly, Princess of Morocco. Other brightly coloured leather goods, comfortable knit mittens, dazzling jewellery and silk ballet slippers are also popular with ladies. In terms of men's products, Hermès has launched a fine-lined leather jacket, a denim jacket, a vibrant sports jacket, and fancy silk ties. Since then, Hermès has successively introduced ceramic and crystal craft products.

Among the Hermès products, the most famous and best-selling is the exquisite scarf. Since the first silk scarf was commemorated in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the 1937 anniversary, the Hermes scarf has been the first choice for many upper class men gifts for women. The Hermès scarf is beautifully textured and has a fine pattern. The silk scarves of Queen Elizabeth on British stamps are the masterpieces of Hermès.

Leather bags are also one of the most successful products for Hermès. To order a “Kelly bag” with Hermès’s reputation, it takes a few years, because each piece of leather has undergone multiple steps. To deal with. This bag has the mark of the craftsman, regardless of repair or maintenance, are the same craftsman responsible. Such rigorous production is precisely why it is expensive.

There are three main signs of Hermès products. One is the carriage pattern, which is a traditional symbol of the long history and exquisite quality that Hermes started with the harness. It is usually only seen in places where the product is inconspicuous. The second is Hermes's uppercase signature “HERMES”. If it does not appear with the carriage pattern, it is usually arranged on the button or surface, with a line “PARIS” under it. The third is the “H” shape, which has appeared frequently in products in recent years, such as the surface appearance of the “H-our” watch series and the male and female slippers.

In terms of management, Hermès insists on not transferring its trademark production license. Therefore, each product has a strict quality guarantee. Its products combine first-class craftsmanship, durable and practical performance with simplicity and elegance, not only in status. Symbolizes and becomes an everlasting fashion item.

Hermès is currently divided into three main parts: leather goods, watches, and aromas. Its products include leather products, scarves, jewelry, ties, men's and women's apparel, perfumes, watches, fine stationery, shoes, gloves, home furnishings, and tableware. More than a dozen porcelain items. It is the consistent aim of Hermès that all products are perfect to the United States and impeccable.

Today, Hermès Group headquarters is still located in the famous Fubao Avenue in Paris, and its fine products are scattered in hundreds of stores in more than 30 countries and regions. This group kingdom, which started with the harness, has remained classic and high-quality after passing the inheritance of the Five Dynasties and more than a hundred years ago. With its traditional spirit, it has never failed to survive in the luxury consumer kingdom.


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