"Predecessor 3" to create net red jewelry, and high-end jewelry really is not a level

The popularity of the predecessor 3 not only made men and women star in red, but also made the dolphins necklace a net red jewelry. However, net red jewelry is still spread among young people. The emotional significance is far greater than the value and design of jewelry itself. So, what kind of jewelry can be called true high-end jewelry?

The quality of jewelry itself

High-end jewelry is often valuable, not only because of the scarcity of raw materials, but also because of its unique design and creativity. The jeweled metal basically refers to gold, K gold, K platinum, platinum and so on. In recent years, titanium has gradually gained popularity because it is lighter in nature and can handle different colors, allowing designers to be inspired. The gemstones are generally selected from diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and so on. Along with the advancement of technology, pearls, turquoises, morganites, decanters, etc. are also widely used. The gemstones used in high-end jewelry are Most of the grades are high quality, very good quality, and some are even orphaned, so it is called the real high-end.

Jewelry design

The design will give different jewels to the soul. High-end jewelry is usually created by a good independent designer who spends a lot of energy. Some designers polish the design of a boutique, and even take a few years, each design. The artist will perform his own interpretation of jewelry in jewelry one by one, so that jewelry emits a different charm, especially high-end jewelry, the extraordinary design is an important factor can not be ignored.

The meaning derived from jewelry

Different jewels represent different meanings. For example, diamonds are solid and lasting. They represent an eternal love. Pearls are elegant and noble. They are synonymous with mellowness and riches. Ruby is a stone of love, a symbol of happiness, and sapphire is a symbol of dignity. The faithfulness to feelings is not bad. Platinum is rare and eternal, symbolizing true love for a long time.

The net red jewelry is often placed in the cart before the horse, and the meaning of the jewelry is placed first, but the real high-end jewelry wins the quality and design of the jewelry itself. Because everyone's heart and love are priceless, jewelry is priceless. It has become one of the most valuable carriers.

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