Shining jewels can't put it down but don't know how to maintain it


A dazzling array of jewels makes people love it, but according to the survey, many people love jewelry, but they know very little about jewelry maintenance. Here are some tips on jewellery maintenance to make your jewelry more glamorous.

Gemstone jewellery such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, tourmalines, and topaz (the topaz): The common shortcoming of gems is brittleness, which cannot withstand hitting or knocking. Keep in mind that even the hardest diamonds can't withstand the impact. In addition, jade jewelry can not be hit.

Emerald Jewelry: Emeralds can't stand the impact and beat more than the emerald. In addition, emeralds are afraid of high temperatures, which can cause the color to fade and catch it at high temperatures.

Amethyst Jewelry: Amethyst is unstable in color and can cause fading when exposed to high temperatures or exposure to prolonged exposure. Avoid high temperatures or exposure during wear or collection.

Pearl and Coral Jewelry: Pearls and corals have a very low hardness and are highly susceptible to tarnishing due to friction. Both components are calcium carbonate, which will suffer from corrosion and dissolution when exposed to acid. Summer is easy to sweat, sweat will also damage the surface of pearls and corals and lose their original luster. Therefore, it is best not to wear such jewelry in summer.

Gold and silver jewelry: gold and silver jewelry, especially k gold and silver jewelry, should avoid contact with chemicals such as acids and alkalis. Do not put together with mercury-containing items such as thermometers and red mercury (commonly known as red syrup), because once gold and silver jewellery comes into contact with mercury, it will immediately change chemically, making gold and silver jewellery into waste.

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