2014 autumn new dress retro style new dress

A black silk with a fall dress, is also the most common with this fall. Sexy black stockings outline the looming legs, self-cultivation dress shaped bumpy body line. " MexMaxixe " women's brand from Italy's design concept, a keen sense of touch with the international fashion trends simultaneously, and close to the fashion needs of urban women in the world, the world's most popular fashion style, cleverly integrated into the Chinese elements through the fashion Deconstruction and restructuring.


"MexMaxixe" autumn dress is very clever follow the elegant summer, the seamless fashion connection. Light texture, mysterious black, elegant and beautiful. Delicate lace flower decoration, all highlight the designer's superb skills and craftsmen of the ingenious professional. With an embellishment, details of the embellishment to add trendy temperament.

2014秋季新款连衣裙 复古式修身裙新款

Retro flower-style dress, fold the waist design, simple and stylish version is a lot of urban tide favorite style. A subtle and elegant image of a woman highlights the elegant quality. Skirt embroidery printing decoration, so exquisite appearance. Elegant style to make women more attractive.

The picture comes from: MexMaxixe women's clothing

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