Beijing: Pawn shops raise gold prices by 15 yuan

Integrated media on October 31 news, following yesterday's gold prices in various stores in Beijing, since today, the pawnshop has also raised the price of gold pawn, Huaxia pawn line gold price to 325 yuan / gram, pawn ** price of 305 yuan /g, the cumulative increase of 15 yuan/g in three days.

It is reported that since the fall in the price of gold in September, the gold realizable price has once dropped to 300 yuan per gram. In October, it has been floating at 310 yuan per gram. Currently, the price of realised gold has been adjusted to the highest value of the pawnshop since one month ago.

In addition, in the case of absolute gold sales, the selling price is increased to 388 yuan/g today, and the price of pure gold is 385 yuan/g, which is an increase of 10 yuan/g before the increase.

In response to the rebound in the gold price, many people have the doubt that “in the end it should not be bought.” In this regard, the senior pawn teacher Xing Hongbao said that the price of gold does not rule out the possibility of short-term shocks, so for people with gold investment plans In order to keep abreast of the gold price trend, consider buying on a bargain, and pay attention to the price band.

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