CARMEN new | hit play "Carat Lovers" Tang Yan with retro flowers dress

Hit drama "carat lover" everyone read yet? Drama appealing appetite, the actress beautiful clothes is not also see your itch, want to put on a heroine addiction?

CARMEN this season introduced a retro print dress happens to coincide with the "Carat Lovers" in Tang Yan a skirt is the same paragraph Oh.

卡蔓 - Carmen

Fashionable rapidly changing, the last century, 1940s popular retro umbrella skirt, comeback in the season, plaster design, fluffy skirts, just the right knee length either the red carpet or the streets, umbrella skirts are the stars My heart is good.

CARMEN 新款 | 熱播劇《克拉戀人》唐嫣同款複古花朵裙

Modern fashion and classical flavor blend, reveal the luxury of the mysterious temperament, creating a looming hazy beauty, three-dimensional printing bright and beautiful pattern, walking skirts flying, elegant and elegant.

Printed skirt with a very easy to out of color, designer hand-painted custom fabric enough dazzling, you can look like Tang Yan with a simple black shirt, can also be used with a light-colored coat.

CARMEN 新款 | 熱播劇《克拉戀人》唐嫣同款複古花朵裙

The white background is even more full of Xianqi this skirt, print pink and nude color is simply a natural fit.

CARMEN 新款 | 熱播劇《克拉戀人》唐嫣同款複古花朵裙

Half skirt can not meet your words, as well as with the print dress Oh.

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