Set South Korean fashion Korean women's clothing with color articles

South Korean set Korea Korean women Tips: From head to toe generally can not exceed three colors


A, primary colors, polychromatic and inter-color primary colors: red, yellow, blue these three colors are called the three primary colors, these three colors are any other color can not be deployed out of color.

Interchromatic: The two primary colors harmonize to produce an interchromatic color. Such as: red + yellow = orange, red + blue = purple, yellow + blue = green, orange, purple, green is the color.

Multi-color: a primary color and one or two inter-hue, or two inter-hue to produce the color is the complex color. Such as: yellow + orange = orange, orange + green = brown (yellow, orange, brown (yellow-gray) color is called complex color.


B. color classification

Color is divided into achromatic color and color system two categories. Achromatic colors are white, black, and various shades of gray that are formed from white, black and white. A color system (referred to as color system) is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and other colors.


C. Hue, purity and lightness

The colors of a color system have three basic attributes: hue, purity, lightness.

Hue: Hue is the color of the largest features of color, refers to more accurately represent the color of a color name. The more the color of the composition, the less clear the color hue.

Purity: The purity of color refers to the purity of color. It means that the color contains the proportion of color components, the greater the proportion, the more pure color, the smaller the proportion, the more the color purity

Lightness: Lightness of color refers to the bright purity of color. A variety of colored objects due to the difference between the amount of light they reflect the color intensity of light and shade. Color brightness there are two cases: First, the same hue different brightness; Second, the various colors of different lightness.


D. color expansion, forward and backward

When a person wearing the same style, the same material, different colors of two sets of clothing, in the same environment, gives the feeling is different. Such as a person in the same environment, wearing red clothing, feeling closer to us, large size; wear blue clothing, feeling away from us, smaller.

When a person wears a garment of high purity, it gives a feeling of being closer to wearing a garment of lower purity than the garment of a lower purity.

In the color comparison gives the actual distance of the color is called forward color; gives the color far away from the actual distance is called back color. People feel larger than the actual size of the color is called expansion color; people feel smaller than the actual color is called contracting color. Why does it cause the above feeling? The reason is due to a variety of different wavelengths of light through the lens, the focus is not exactly in a plane, the clarity of the retina images are different. Color Expansion Shrinkage is not only related to wavelength but also with lightness.


E, clothing, clothing color classification:

(1) Warm colors: red, orange, yellow, pink

(2) cool color: blue, purple, green, gray

(2) the middle color: black, white, coffee

F, color with the principle:

(1) Cool + Cool (2) Warm + Warm (3) Cool + Mid

(4) Warm color + intermediate color (5) Intermediate color + intermediate color (6) Solid color + Solid color

(7) Net color (solid color) + variegated (8) solid color + pattern

G, with the color taboo:

(1) cool + warm (2) bright + bright (3) dark + dark

(4) variegated + variegated (5) pattern + design

H, clothing color with the method

(1) Upper and lower shallow: dignified, generous, quiet and serious

(2) Upper and lower deep: bright, lively, cheerful, confident

(3) Prominent shirt: pants color slightly darker than the shirt

(4) highlight the pants: jacket color slightly darker than the pants

(5) difficult to match the green color, with the brown with the clothing can be collocated

(6) Tops have a horizontal pattern, pants can not wear vertical stripes or lattice

(7) Superstripes are pleated, trousers should avoid horizontal stripes or lattice

(8) coat is mottled, pants should wear solid color

(9) Pants are variegated, the coat should avoid variegated

(10) shirt pattern larger or complex, should wear solid color pants

(11) solid color with a solid color with neutral, should be supplemented with accessories to match

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