Fall charming fashion decorate by me Di fashion autumn series

Di Tu Fashion (DITTO) classic series emphasizes the practicality of the product, highlight the plate, workmanship and fabric performance, show in the store, to adapt to a wide range of customers, allowing consumers to easily buy. The series will not be in bad inventory even if you have not sold out during the season. Merchants requirements: 1. More than two years experience in branded apparel business, a certain amount of financial strength, can personally participate in shop management. 2. Operating venues: the prime location of the downtown business district, large-scale shopping centers in the high-end or shopping malls. 3. Business area: stores, shopping malls counters (side hall or side hall) practical area of ​​60 square meters and above. 4. Shop decoration: According to the company's image decoration, the company provided free decoration design, production costs borne by the franchisee.

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