FULLTEAM perfect attitude to life

FULLTEAM is a proud ladies' brand under Guangzhou Futian Garments Co., Ltd. FULLTEAM originated in Hong Kong. Founded in the 1990s, FULLTEAM translates as "rich day" in Chinese, which means "perfect match". Personality, fashion, elegance is FULLTEAM design concepts and general style.


FULLTEAM has been adhering to the "perfect match", carefully selected from the beginning of each piece of fabric, we are trying to create a spirit. She, must be fit with your gestures, rendering your smile inadvertently gentle, let your casual melancholy showing charm.

FULLTEAM  完美的生活态度

Delicate fabrics are loyal to the "FULLTEAM perfect match" under the premise of beautifying and upgrading products, pay attention to each cut, meticulous to each button the use of shape and color, perfect for each piece of work, carefully carved. Because she not only gives is a dress, but also a way of life and a life attitude.

FULLTEAM  完美的生活态度

FULLTEAM creates a distinctive elegance while bringing fun to urban femininity.

Table Linen

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table cloth

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