Lightweight environmental protection strapping belt will lead the strapping industry

Until today’s social progress and development, and the constant progress of science and technology, today’s social and economic progress and globalization, whether it is the packing industry or the industry’s industry technology, have gradually begun to mature. Everyone has already It is not just the past that attaches great importance to the beauty, precision, and more will judge the merits and demerits of a product in terms of beauty, precision, and quality. It is like packing the industry and passing it from the most primitive straw rope. The belts used for packaging, and the continuous improvement of the packing belt in the 21st century today, the continuous improvement of the Yajiang River in the packing belt industry has brought China's packing business into line with international standards. From hand-to-hand belts to today's lightweight environmental protection packing belts. For the past 30 years of development of this industry, and for a long time people understand the packaging belt is only to bring the packaging tonnage, as long as the product can be packaged, cheap, more inclined to renewable materials Packing belt.
Nowadays, in China's development, the market's expanding packaging belt is not only used for the packaging of products. For example, in order to reflect the noble atmosphere of the products, new materials, transparent tapes, printing tapes, and lightweight environmental protection materials are used. The packing belt said that the raw material of the environmental protection belt is produced entirely from polypropylene refined in petroleum. Since PP polypropylene is a subsidiary product of oil, the price will surely influence the fluctuation of oil prices.
From an environmental point of view, resources are limited, which means that all manufacturers need to be able to recycle to save resources. The eco-friendly packaging tape is a raw material that cannot add any fillers and impurities without adding pages. After use, it can be used for processing and crushing for the second production. Frequently, we see only a few recycling tapes. Some of them can be processed and used, so in today's environment-friendly packing belts, thousands of households have begun to implement a greater degree of user choice and use. According to the long-term development, the green packing belt will be gradually advanced. Replacement core.
Nowadays, many people are considering that the market price of the new packaging materials is relatively high, and many people have the misunderstanding that they are approaching the environmental protection packaging belt. That is, the lightweight environmental protection packaging belt is used. In order to sell according to a roll, according to the conventional conditions in the market above, the price of the pure material packing belt will generally be 1.3-2 times the price of the sandwich belt (recycled packing belt), but it is also a ton of packing belt, pure material The tape out rate (the length of the actual packaging tape) is 2.5-3 for the sandwich belt and the reclaimed tape (Yazhijiang has already exceeded the market's limit and has reached 4.5-5 times the same annual income difference of about 1.2765 million). That is to say, the price of pure material strapping is actually much lower than the price of other straps.
According to the convention, it is the volume of the light green environmental protection packaging belt with a volume equivalent to 5 rolls in the market. And the price of these five volumes has gone far beyond the market sales price of environmental protection lightweight packaging belts. In the end, the performance of the pure material packaging tape and other packaging tapes is the same as the pure material packaging tape. The pulling force is 2 times that of other packaging materials, and the pulling force of the Yazhijiang lightweight environmental protection packaging tape can reach the same market product. 3 times, and then from the appearance of the packing belt with the appearance of the reclaimed material, the customer groups, glossiness, transparency, and the degree of color are not at one point.
Today, Ziyang Yazhijiang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. of Sichuan Province, with the six groups of Sichuan Yazhijiang Science and Technology R&D Center and the three divisions of the technical department, has repeatedly combined theory and practice to digest and integrate advanced technologies of the world press industry, while avoiding Japan and South Korea as the representative of the technical defects of the plastics industry; after 15 years, the first international-class smart PP light packing belt production line, to fill the international plastics machinery industry intelligent packaging production line without light belt production blank. Compared with the market, each meter has a significant reduction in its cost, lowering the cost of customer use and highlighting the competitiveness of the market. For customers can save the use of packing tape 75%, with the same volume of gram weight 75%, Skewness <10MM, elongation at break ≤ 18%, breaking tensile strength over the same characteristics, suitable for all kinds of packing machine packaging.
The production line has six unique competitive advantages: high efficiency (56% increase in output), energy saving (30% reduction in energy consumption), safety (human-computer integration design), environmental protection (no pollution), intelligent (intelligent control), economical (price ratio high)
Global packing belt development process: hand-packing belt → semi-automatic packing belt → automatic packing belt → thin packing belt → light belt with more packing information please pay attention to China packing belt trading network: 【】, welcome to free trial membership trial, contact the way

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