New home essential sofa to buy ten secrets

First, the environmental protection of the sofa is also an integrated product, which is a collection of materials such as paint, board, sponge, glue, bandage, frame cloth and so on. The environmental protection of the sofa is achieved by integrating the environmental protection of the materials used. Some monitoring centers conduct testing for constituent materials, while Others are directed to air quality testing of the space in which the finished product is placed. If the various aspects of the sofa are environmentally friendly, and the space in which the finished product is placed has no other environmental factors, then the conclusions of the two tests should be roughly the same.

Second. The sofa backrest is comfortable and beautiful. From the surface, the backrest of the sofa seems to have a contradiction: the high backrest can make the head depend, but the sofa looks conservative or even bulky; the low back looks very fashionable and the style changes are also rich. But the head dependence is weakened. But in fact, this directly reflects the two sitting habits. Nowadays, the low-back sofa is popular because the depth of the sofa is relatively wide. People's living habits at home mostly like the relaxed state of the semi-bedroom, so the backrest is lowered to help the head. . But if you must emphasize the function of the head on the low-back sofa, then you can choose the headrest, or the shoulder to support the high quality bag.

Third, the sewing of the sofa should be as follows. Many people will pay attention to observe whether the details of the sewing on the corner of the sofa are in place. This is indeed a method to check the quality of the sofa. If the jumper, off-line, and uneven stitching are all Obvious problem. However, some problems are hidden, such as whether the corners turn to the bottom or the back will be of lower quality, or although the sewing is good, but the sofa has been sitting for a long time, the sewing line and the cushion's turning line are so skewed that it can no longer match. These are not the details that appear immediately, but good sofas can be controlled through multiple aspects such as fabric quality and lining treatment. You can anticipate potential problems by consulting.

Fourth, the sofa legs are also the quality of the sofa legs are often overlooked, but as the focus of structure and aesthetics, the quality of the sofa legs is also an important factor affecting the price. Some of the legs of the sofa are treated as standard pieces, so it seems that the burger of the Subway, a leg can be used with different sofa styles; while some of the legs of the sofa are independently developed as iconic details, the special sofa legs are only specific Style. So we can use the sofa legs as the attention to detail of a sofa. Its height, material, shape and structure are our quality requirements.

Fifth. Considering the combination of the sofa in advance relative to the living room with a relatively large area, we should fully consider the effect of the sofa combination in the decoration stage. If we don't use the sofa as a prop to fill the space, but use the combination of sofas to create space, then we can understand the meaning of the change of the sofa style and apply it to our own space. You can also look at some of the designer's ideas and works. Many mansion designs involve the reception area and the recreation area (the fireplace area), but there are many different designs depending on the function and room type. Once your plan is relatively certain, you will go to the market with the feeling of size and style, in order to have a purpose and standard to filter, otherwise you will soon feel exhausted.

Sixth. The record of the fabric sample to find the appropriate sofa color, you are best to sample and save the fabric. Because even the same style of fabric, due to the difference in production of different batches, there will be some subtle differences in color, this phenomenon is more obvious in the fabric of pure color cloth and leather. If you want to add a package or replace a partial cushion fabric, you should consider whether there will be a color difference. Some brand manufacturers will provide corresponding services to ensure the quality of the subscription. If you are more careful, you can make a similar record.

Seventh. Protecting the sofa and extending the life The length of life of the sofa is first determined by quality. Good soft bag materials and techniques will not let the sofa relax and sag without sitting for a long time. But whether the product is guaranteed to be used for five years or ten years, more is for the internal structure of the sofa. The love habits we use can protect the surface of the sofa. For example, follow the instructions for regular cleaning, avoid placing the sofa directly in the place where the sun is shining strongly. If you must put it, you can make up for it by pulling the curtain, glass film, and selecting the fabric with high anti-sun index.

Eighth. The color of the sofa should be combined with the indoor environment. It is not difficult to choose the color of the sofa in general. It is easy for us to know the color of the sofa we should choose through the indoor environment. But when we see similar fabrics in the swatches, it becomes difficult to choose. For a grey sofa, you can find different options such as coffee ash, bean ash, and light copper ash. Different shades of gray sofas can bring different effects to the space. We can put together the color samples of the curtains and the floor and other related materials and the color samples of the sofa to find the optimal sofa color.

Ninth. The softness of the sofa is subject to personal feelings. Some sofas are soft and some are hard. The degree of softness and hardness that you are suitable for should be judged according to the feeling of sitting on your own. A good sofa is soft and hard to sit on, which is determined by the quality of the internal high-elastic cotton. In particular, a sofa with a combination of different density and high-elastic cotton can give a delicate feeling of comfort. It provides long-lasting support in the deep layers and cushions the parts of the human body. When choosing a sofa, you can sit down and talk or read the material, and the longer experience will give you a more intuitive answer.

Tenth. Pay attention to the close relationship between the supporting products around the sofa and the sofa. First of all, we want the height of the sofa to be coordinated with the height of the coffee table and the TV cabinet. It directly affects the comfort we use. Secondly, the height of the sofa armrest and the angle of the table lamp and the table lamp will have different effects. The most difficult to match is the case on the back of the sofa. In many large apartments or villas, this kind of matching will often appear, but the choice of the case is not much, but also the style of the integrated sofa, the height of the backrest, etc. It will be more difficult to match.

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