Wearing small shoes and socks in outdoor sports

Hanging around in the equipment store, from a pile of hiking boots samples will still see their different design concepts, such as a. gasket, b. heel, c. pressure of the tongue, d. shape of the instep, e Bow type, f. Feeling of space at the front of the toes, these are the feelings that you need to feel for yourself, do not force yourself to accept a pair of non-fitting hiking boots, consumers will be excited to purchase by the dazzling variety of hiking boots, but do not forget to be a mile Walk 5280 steps, walk 10 miles a day, choose the wrong boot will cause the toes to be black, the foot back tremble and long blisters, different brands of boots concept is different, do not be too concerned about the companion recommended a brand of hiking boots, Replace with more choices for your own foot climbing boots.

Regardless of the style of climbing boots you choose, it is not enough to start climbing without first adapting. Most lightweight boots do not need to spend much time to get used to, but you can wear them for a while until the softness and micro-tension will be better. All-leather climbing Boots need a period of time to adapt. Usually a short walk or a hike, calming down some of the daytime hard-to-soft activities will make the foot swell, so choose to buy hiking boots best use of night time to buy, wear thick socks, The use of long hiking boots will reduce the size of the half, because the front of the boot will tend to curl. Wear a pair of heavy socks, and find a pair of shoes that are larger than the one you usually wear. When you stand upright, loosen the laces, push your toes forward against the front of the boot, slightly flex your legs and swing your toes, and put in your fingers in the gap between the rear heel and the rear of the shoe. If you can fill the gaps, No need to change. Fasten your shoelaces so that your heels are in place and you won't feel squeezed. At the same time, the body leans forward and confirms that the foot slides. The toes do not push up to the front of the boot to cause discomfort, and the heel does not separate from the sole of the shoe. It will be used for a while. There will be some wrinkles at the front of the shoe, and the toes cannot be pressed. If needed, wear more socks. Repeat the above method to find your own hiking boots. Camping shoes are used as camp shoes such as sandals.

Lightweight nylon socks can be used to cross the river, fast dry, but without any support foot soles and soles have friction.

The leggings should be attached at least to the calf 2/3. It needs a firm foot strap, a reinforced internal ankle, the lower half is waterproof and the upper half is breathable, there are front and back zip leggings, and the front leggings are easy to open. Infiltration of contaminated clothing by the snow mud, the side of the open leggings can be waterproof but inconvenient, swarf on the leggings wear is quite powerful, especially the difficult terrain, knee bending and inspection when purchasing will stick tight.
How to choose shoes, socks in the field activities, it is essential to protect your feet. Because the main content of field activities is "walking" and "walking" is your first "11 road", isn't it? The basic function of shoes and socks is to protect your feet, but if you choose inappropriate shoes and socks, the effect can be counterproductive. What kind of shoes and socks should be chosen for field activities?

First of all, to say that shoes: In our daily life, we have to pay attention to the use of shoes, but the shoes worn in the field must not be too "fitting feet", but should be at least one size larger than the ones usually worn. This is because prolonged walking can make your feet swell up. If your shoes feel right when they are put on, it will feel a bit squeezing after walking for a while. Usually we go to outdoor activities will choose shoes, because of its soft, comfortable and easy to walk. General outdoor sports shoes is a more sensible choice, need to be reminded that winter travel, cold and warm is critical, leather shoes, whether it is cold or waterproof function is better than nylon silk shoes, it should be used as The preferred outdoor activity in winter.

Traveling in the mountains, the terrain is more complex, especially the common gravel slope, when the shoes are too powerless, can easily lead to foot or leg injuries. Therefore, high-altitude hiking boots with hard bottoms should be used for mountain travel. Because of the large tire-shaped pattern at the bottom of this type of shoe, the anti-slip performance is good. The sole made of hard rubber can effectively prevent rubbing and damage to the sole of the foot on a gravel or uneven road surface; the upper of the climbing can be made of cowhide or hard nylon canvas with good texture, and is waterproof and warm. good. Now some of the foreign high-end hiking shoes uppers are made of GORE-TEX fabrics, and their waterproof and breathable properties cannot be compared with other materials. Most of the hiking shoes are high-waisted. Those who have had experience in mountain walking know that the worst and most vulnerable parts of the mountain are the ankles and knees. High-waist mountaineering shoes can do their utmost to protect your crotch's well-being, reduce the impact of walking on your knees, and make long-distance walking safe and easy. In addition, it is best not to wear new shoes in field activities. We know that everything has a running-in process. It is best to run between your feet and new shoes before you go. The reason is self-evident. Who haven’t we experienced the “torture” of new shoes?

Socks are the most appropriate care for the feet. Field activities are best done with pure cotton socks. It is soft, sweat-absorbent and keeps your feet dry from time to time. Don't forget to prepare 1~2 pairs of pure wool socks during the cold winter or mountain activities in the alpine region. They are very useful when camping. Field socks should be more than a few pairs of spare, because it will inevitably encounter wet shoes and socks and other accidents. As the saying goes: Cold from the soles of the feet, the taste of wearing wet socks may not be very good, and it is extremely unfavorable to health.

With a pair of suitable shoes and soft, dry socks, your outdoor activities have the initial protection.

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