Soft color underwear make the hot summer months become mild

The burning of the sun made the whole world full of anger. But as a girl can not always fierce, gentle more lovable! So in such irritable weather, how to change their temper it? Of course, is to change from the inside out, so choose a soft color underwear to meet you. Luddy poem below to bring soft underwear, so the summer has become more gentle, so you become more gentle!


When you see the underwear, is not the world quiet? That's right, this is the effect of soft underwear. Meat pink, bring a trace of sweet, so that your feminine charm interpretation to the extreme. At the same time this underwear comfort excellent, 3/4 super gathered cup, make you more stand up.

柔和色系内衣 让炎热夏季变温和

Fresh and elegant small printing underwear, there is a pastoral style, giving a stable and pleasant. Smooth fabric can be used with any costumes, while wrapped underwear is also more suitable for chest and low-cut equipment, allowing you to emit your glamor in addition to safety. Soft underwear, so you are more gentle and pleasant!

Photo credit: Lucy Poetry underwear

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