British senior women's brand "Barbara" opened its first store in Hunan

Dedicated to serving the women of the year, "the senior women's brand" Barbara, "recently from afar from the United Kingdom, formally Yuan Jialing Friendship Store B, second floor opened its first store in Hunan, will be as far as possible to meet the age of 40 Female groups in the reception, business and just discuss the work of different occasions, a variety of wearing needs, the price of more than 4,000 yuan in a million or so million.On the official opening of Kinabatha the same day, the reporter was informed that Chen Xi, Zhuoya, Lang Zi and other 11 high-level women's clothing brands also collectively debut Yuanlingling Friendship Store Block B, second floor, the price of these women's brands are a few thousand dollars in the price.He Weili said the general manager of Friendship Store, following these high-level women's brand, Years ago, there will be Gucci, EmporioArmani, Cartier and other at least 15 luxury brands stationed, some of them will rush to open before Christmas.

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