Piaget Jewels fairyland trip (Photos)

Lead: A fairyland belonging to the Earl - The new Limelight Paradise line leads us into a luxurious, crystal-clear, aromatic, full of glamorous colors and a delightful world. Watches and jewelery are the fascinating vocabulary of this magical world. The Earl has created a fascinating theme longing for the hearts of all the world, calling away the dazzling navigable world, the warm waters and the tropical flowers. The adventure begins with a sailing boat. Under the whistling winds and waves of the waves, with the ocean currents, you can see almost white sandy beaches on the horizon. The fascinating lake radiates vivid, intense colors like a thousand cylinders, catching your attention: blue, turquoise, green and lilac. Sea creatures and flowers cling to each other, you throw away the anchor. Boarded the island, the rustling leaves rustling, reminding us of an irresistible invitation eager to tempt you to explore this wonderful fantasy. This is in the midst of the bustling vegetation, butterflies flutter among frangipani trees.

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