Ting-US "core move" intelligent repair underwear market apparel

The microcomputer chip into the underwear , integration of related high-tech, can be arbitrarily produce "body bio wave" care of the human body the world's first "smart repair underwear," has been developed by the Chinese underwear enterprises Tingmei Group, and will soon be mass production market.

The person in charge of Tingmei Group said that the smart shape underwear called "core move" is due to the centralization of the top technologies in many countries such as the United States, Japan, France, Germany, and Britain, as well as the functions of shaping the body and reducing fat and removing fat. France Lyon International Underwear Fair triggered a strong vibration of the world underwear industry.

According to reports, the "core action" intelligent repair underwear for the first time achieved intelligent control, intelligent conduction, intelligent fat-soluble, intelligent massage, intelligent adjustment, smart stereotypes. It will be the United States and repair the shape of the body fat, fat removal, fat burning, broken fat, fat grease set in one, reflecting its six major scientific and technological content:

First, the United States CNT digital chip technology company commissioned by the research, the world's leading micro-computer low-frequency physical therapy body instrument miniaturization and integration into the underwear, intelligent control, respectively, for local weight loss, Zinc fat fragmentation, body massage, acupuncture, detoxification Thirty-six kinds of medical effects such as bio-medical launch of biological waves, to exercise, health care, treatment and weight-loss effect.

Second, the selection of Japan's Kojima Corporation commissioned the latest research results - pure silver micro-conductive fibers, seamlessly blended into the fabric underwear, the bio-wave from the point to surface and close to the body, the role of the necessary parts of the body , The appearance of ordinary fabrics and generally unique and can ensure that wearing comfortable.

Third, the use of long-lasting effect and efficacy of heat Su Su, when the controller work, bio-wave will speed up the expansion of skin pores and accelerate blood circulation, heat-sensitive leptin according to body temperature release of different concentrations of substances, which greatly enhanced Slimming effect.

Fourth, the use of the world's most advanced body underwear for smart fabrics, hexagonal rhombus shape weaving, multi-directional decomposition pressure, so that the three hundred and sixty balanced underwear pressure relief, regardless of fat people lean, wearing no Le Not loose, but also lock the fat is not free.

Five is the "core action" underwear style style and shape are inspired by the famous French designers, so that the memory of steel care intelligent help fat positioning, color more trendy and fashionable; Sixth, Antibacterial fiber and antibacterial cloth, in the form of a patch for undergarment at the bottom of the undergarment and the like, the antibacterial effect is remarkable.

Another key selling point of "Kinetic" lingerie is the use of magical massage fiber just launched by DuPont America, which not only makes a revolutionary breakthrough in the weaving structure of fiber materials, and enables the massage function to be started in a special physical way , But also through the finishing technology to add its own massage function with a specific pure plant additives, so double its effect.

Experts point out that one of the major shortcomings of modern people is the fast pace of life, life pressure, but significantly reduced physical activity, but the calorie, fat, high protein intake too much nutrient intake and fat are extremely disproportionate, which Increasing the number of obesity in modern people. Even in Colorado, the United States has even seen government free pedometers for every citizen and calls for a two-thousand-foot walk a day. But to stay away from obesity, relying on diet pills not only have side effects but also difficult to maintain long-term; relying on traditional underwear to adjust, it is difficult to fundamentally achieve the body.

The emergence of smart underwear finally make all this into history, making science fantasy a reality. Only a function of intelligent bio-wave, even those who sit in the office and have no time to exercise all day, just gently press the switch, intelligent repair underwear within 24 hours at any time "force" to achieve and surpass Walking exercise effect.

The experts of China National Garment Association pointed out that the body underwear has gone through three generations so far: the first generation is a traditional physical corset with the mechanism of "fat-shaping"; the second generation is an enhanced physical body-shaping with the principle of " Tingmei leptin shaping body underwear is one of the representatives; the third generation is known as "microcomputer intelligence" era, that is, Ting Mei "core action" underwear repair shape as the guide. Observers believe that the "core move" intelligent repair underwear was born, is the first time Chinese enterprises creative use of top international science and technology to achieve a historic breakthrough in products, will set off the third wave of the body underwear revolution in the world.

At the recently concluded French International Underwear World Show called "Lingerie World Cup", Ting Mei Group's "Smart Shaping Underwear" is the only approved lingerie in Mainland China. It was rated by the Organizing Committee as having extraordinary creativity and popular value, Underwear exhibition spire known as the "creative and trend hall", from 26 countries, more than 1300 world-class enterprises only 13 brands board the temple. This means that the history of the world trend of underwear, which has been dominated by European and American brands, has finally come to an end.

According to reports, the 70-year history of the French international lingerie exhibition is the world's most authoritative and highest grade international lingerie exhibition, sponsored by the International Association of lingerie, held twice a year.

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