Durable clothes choose durable buttons

The high-end buttons are mainly reflected in whether its material is high-end, whether the appearance is beautiful, whether the color is beautiful, and whether the durability is good, these aspects must be considered comprehensively. In general, colors and styling people are often easy to identify, but the material and durability may not be considered enough. For example, gold-plated buttons are currently popular on the market, and the price is relatively low. Such buttons are usually made of ABS plastic after gold-plated electroplating. In the initial stage of button-making, its color is more beautiful, but if the buttons Surface treatment is not strict, storage time is slightly longer, it will fade to green, completely changed into another look. If this kind of button is used on a high-end garment, the garment will not be sold and the buttons will change color, which will inevitably affect the sales of the garment. So when choosing the button, in addition to the beauty of color and shape, we must also consider how the durability of the color (if the plating button, the quality of the plated 16K gold is better). In addition, the eyelet strength of the button must be large. If dark-eye buttons or buttons with handles, the wall thickness at the eye socket should be sufficient. These types of buttons are often made of resin buttons, appropriately decorated with a variety of metal or ABS gold-plated inserts, and coated with transparent resin epoxy adhesive, which are both stable, beautiful, and durable.

Dust Cloth For Painting

It has high absorbency

Durable construction is washable and reusable

Can be used for indoor and outdoor projects

Drapes well over furniture for spray painting and dust protection

other any size according to customers' requirement

packing: bale carton, polybag packed, shrink wrapped

Quality control:

when confirmation is made, we will start production from raw material. all raw material is inspected. such as cotton and yarn

cotton or yarn quality is ok, the go ahead to weave and sew and pack and load ship. each step is strictly inspected

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Some of the attributes that have made us the most preferred business partners are:
• Quality products

• Customized solution

• Competitive pricing

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• Excellent customer support

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