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Every child's growth, we need our intentions to care for, with love to wait, what is love? "Love is a kind of life, a kind of normal life, it is like air.It's parents, they all have full, good and honest humanity's beauty, are greeted by the breath of love, so that children feel natural and Fresh, the child's heart Oasis, is the child's real, good, and beautiful impetus to the promotion .18 years, MYTALE fairy tale children's wear has been carrying a "parent" of "love", with "heart" to bring the best for children, we have This kind of "love" into life, a normal life, we use this love to call the best products, so that children not only wear on the body, it is our children born with elegance and Fashion to the heart of bloom! 2015 autumn and winter, MYTALE fairy tale children's clothing will continue the simple, elegant and stylish style, use more comfortable, more environmentally friendly, more warm and more stylish fabrics, to bring children more stylish, warm and more environmentally friendly Winter, all this stems from our "care and love, waiting in love.

FR Bibs

The FR Bibs has the characteristics of wear resistance, temperature resistance, washing resistance, acid and alkali resistance, waterproof and strength. Not only FR Bibs also FR Pants have many large pockets on the clothes, which are easy to carry. There are multiple pockets on the front chest for pens, documents, and other small items. The knees are padded to enhance wear resistance to cushion the pressure on the knees when squatting. The strap is an elastic band and can be adjusted characters. Our company product Flame Retardant Clothing,Inherently Flame Retardant Clothing,FR Bibs and so on uses: Widely used in oil fields, petrochemicals, metallurgy, electric appliances, mechanical processing, electric welding, field fire fighting suits and other heavy-duty clothing or FR Bibs with special requirements for thermal protection.

Fr Bibs,Flame Retardant Bibs,Fire Retardant Bibs,Flame Resistant Bibs

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