Pop style women to share with the summer new recommended

Has come to the early summer season, in this 30 degrees is the best time to enjoy the beauty of beautiful girls despite how beautiful to wear, dress, chiffon shirt, tutu skirt full of your wardrobe. Pop style women's summer 2014 new product has been fully listed in the country, for the beauty of women to provide this summer the most beautiful way to wear, then we will introduce several popular summer pop, with your favorite.

Stitching / lace chiffon shirt

Long before and after the loose long version of the doll version, high comfort. After repeated proofing drop shoulder design, it seems more slender arms, a kind of lovely playful feel. Sleeve for the senior custom transparent mesh material, above embroidered with the same color flowers and beads pattern, a sense of high value, summer cool preferred!

Variety striped dress

This collection of cute and sexy dress soft and comfortable, breathable fit, skin-friendly wear excellent. Bright and pleasant colors, people happy, striped material with classic design, playful soft, skirt pleated skirt style, lovely lively and casual, with yellow and white with blue and white optional highlight the unique romantic girl, fashion and And wild, comfortable casual, casual was thin. Base coat can be worn separately.

普普风女装分享 夏季新装搭配推荐

Lace stitching printing

Transparent, perspective, elegant, mixed colors ... Waist design was waist without revealing extra meat, stylish atmosphere at the same time super-real wear. The value of the upper body lace and custom flowers stacked, revealing the perfect nature of the mutual interaction between the two, the more sexy behind the feminine design, but the floral lining to the sexy behind without exposure.

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