Reproduce the 80's wild and dynamic - Women's articles

For genius designer Marc Jacobs, "change is king." From the style of the previous season's air service to the nostalgia of 80 this season, his transition was so rapid and natural. Bright colors, exaggerated patterns, unique tailoring, zipper and buckle details all of these, just to reproduce the 80's wild and dynamic. Marc Jacobs could not wait to draw a line with the past, instead of a fierce nostalgic atmosphere into Marc by MarcJacobs2008 autumn and winter series. In addition, the designer boldly joined the rock and rebel elements after making appropriate reservations about the minimalist style and sweet style. 80's wild and dynamic, in the women's, men's, and even accessories in every detail of the show. Ladies fresh and fresh Marc by Marc Jacobs 08 autumn and winter women's series to black as the keynote, bright colors as embellishment, with fancy, different size of the grid pattern, creating a strong visual effects. Unique cut and zipper details are also the essence of this season, beads decorated with monotonous black, refraction in the spotlight, emitting a brilliant luster. Reflective material to enhance the taste of punk, large three-dimensional cut with exaggerated texture, and the feeling of hardcore, retained some girlhood. Large bow, large buttons, zipper and buckle and other details also live In the 08 autumn and winter series, various forms of geometric patterns such as "Houndstooth", "Wonderland Blocks", "Concrete Jungle Print" and so enrich the entire series. Red, yellow, green, fluorescent pink and other bright colors not only popular, but also with exaggerated enlarged pattern, it is memorable. Short sweater, half-length plaid mini skirt, boat collar pleated dress, matching the same color of the belt, emitting a "maiden" temperament. Unruly men's unruly This season's men's collection also inherited the theme of the 80's Punk & Rock, to create a series of uninhibited clothing. And women's publicity compared to men slightly implicit. The entire series to suit jacket and trousers, and other more conservative shape see much zipper and buckle and other details of outstanding use, then with the women against the background. T-shirts are the highlight of this season's men's wear, full of style, special styles include "Grungy T", "MrMarc T", "Horror T" and "Painted Drip T". Splicing knit jacket is bound to become the season's hot single product, with simple casual pants enough to become the audience focus. Accessories surprises Whether it is handbags or shoes, Marc by MarcJacobs accessories also brings a series of surprises. In the handbag line, the rock theme in the ready-to-wear line is naturally implanted and refreshing. The new Strippy Strap series has changed Marc Jacobs always sweet and pleasant style, all black to create a low-key sense of cool. The popular Standard Supply series showcases people with a whole new look. A simple and delicate solid color of the previous season, sprinkled with an ink-like black color in a white bag and with an eye-catching pink lettering are displayed in the wild. Metal Check series will be reflective sound and black leather from the preparation, coupled with sophisticated metal lock, publicity rebel. Staples and Studs series give full play to the designers imaginative imagination, whether at work, shopping or party, there must be a paragraph can become the audience focus. As for the weird cute Miss Marc series, is the last season Jiaoqiao air girl modeling best bid farewell, full of pondering. As for the shoes, the selection of boots with transparent acrylic heel style seems full of style, put on the classic bow design of bright color boots in an instant fashion and charming incarnation. In addition, the classic Mouse shoes use patent leather material, coupled with the fun-filled fake print mouse pattern, both rich and contemporary without losing the lovely female pretty.

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