Absorb 90 post-reserve cadres, wealth birds upgrade talent strategy

According to relevant personage analysis, the degree of talent scarcity in the future and the difficulty and cost of attracting talents may increase. For this reason, many companies have begun to realize the importance of talent reserves and began strategic deployment. In order to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and improve the development potential of enterprises, Fortune Bird has begun to absorb some post-90 reserve cadres to train the backbone of the company.

The responsible person of the rich bird said that the fault of talent is a major drawback that hinders the long-term development of the company. Fortune Bird, as a booming enterprise, has taken precautions and it is an important task for the company to absorb talents. At present, the reserve cadres after the 90s have gradually emerged. It is believed that different modes of thinking and extraordinary work enthusiasm will inject new blood into the company.

It is true that a group of post-90 college graduates have now gone out of school and taken to work. This group will become the only talent in the future, so many companies have begun to "book". The reserve of college graduates can be used to create a talent reserve center to attract talents from all over the country and find the best location for their development. Since the city of Fuzhou established its first talent reserve center in 2003, the measures of the talent reserve center have been practiced in other cities across the country, and they have been continuously explored and perfected to reserve the necessary talents for the development of the enterprise.

Looking at the development history of the rich bird, from 1992 to 1997, the rich bird men's shoes developed rapidly, the market was in short supply, and in 1998 the rich bird women's shoes sold well throughout the country. Behind every market strategy adjustment was a strong human resource support.

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