Classic story women's autumn and winter 2012 new warm market

When it comes to "fashion," most people always think of women for the first time. No wonder the luxury hall is full of classic dresses, handbags and perfumes designed for female friends. In fact, the classic fashion is not equal to luxury, for the majority of women, they will not be out of fashion, and the so-called classic fashion is not only reflected in expensive clothing, the whole body of any one accessory, a detail can be highlighted Their taste. In this stylish passionate summer, the classic story of women's 2012 autumn and winter new products have also been passionate listing, showing the classic fashion!


Classic story women's autumn and winter 2012 new warm market

Established in 1993, Shenzhen Wanyi Industry Co., Ltd. is a modern clothing enterprise that integrates research and development, design, production and marketing of brand apparel. The company owns three major women's brands , "JANE STORY", "JANE LADY" and "FEATURE", catering to the different needs of female consumers of different ages and creating a multi-brand international fashion business.


Classic story women's autumn and winter 2012 new warm market

Company in the major medium-sized cities across the country to establish leading brand "JANE STORY" classic store and shop model, now has established a self-service network and affiliate network organic combination of marketing system. In 2003, Wan Enterprise and the Oriental Fashion Research Center in Toronto, Canada formed a "JANE STORY / Classic Story" design team. Currently has a number of senior foreign fashion design consultants and domestic fashion designers, and strive to fashion design, superb craftsmanship, the perfect show unique style, the East of the soft and Western Mei Mei just right of Chinese and Western, which deduced concise , Elegant, stylish, classic brand style. It can be said "JANE STORY / classic story" opened a new chapter in the oriental fashion women's clothing culture.

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