Autumn checkerboard pattern with blue and white checkerboard with what shirt

Fall 2014, in addition to elegant lady style, rigorous professional style, full of punk wind, the classic checkerboard also return. As the vitality of the fashion circle one of the strongest elements, Plaid shocking debut OuView fall and winter of this year's new products, this very existence of the color does not seem so hard to control, you must not be missed weight-loss checkerboard .


Is still the classic black and white, perhaps only the color to deduce the taste of autumn and winter. Checkerboard checkers coquettish cool Fan Fan patent leather, some neutral flavor of the wind, but the dress version of the type emphasizes more feminine.

秋季棋盘格纹怎么搭配 蓝白色的棋盘格搭配什么上衣

Blue and white stitching checkerboard, breaking the classic color collocation, bringing a completely different visual experience, high waist bag skirt and Mermaid skirt skirt, highlight the hip curve, with luxury beaded collar shirt, ideal for women in the workplace wear .

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