NEWFOUND New York 2014 autumn new: early fall ready to choose the jacket temperature difference

In the cold autumn temperatures, this autumn style with simple yet simple profile, the details of the design of the novel fabrics can give people good surprises. Although a piece of minimalist but wild with the casual, very strong plasticity light jacket is not only enough comfort, make your fashion elegant index suddenly improve. Today Xiaobian take a look at the New Zealand New Products it ~


A coat to wear more H version of the Maple Leaf yellow jacket, both single and also wear a single product simple and easy to use monotonous. Gradient chiffon trimming fabric interspersed throughout the clothing in all parts of the placket anti-light technology, that is, high-grade rich three-dimensional art effect.

NEWFOUND纽方2014秋装新款:入秋早准备 选对外套抗温差

With silk effect, elegant color, easy to wrinkle concise short round neck small jacket, black short jacket in the same color printing long section of wide-leg pants visual and sensory formed a golden ratio effect. Such an elegant and stylish single product can not be fascinated?

NEWFOUND纽方2014秋装新款:入秋早准备 选对外套抗温差

Bright red knit stitching with a small jacket, stitching different materials, irregular wave pendulum design, agile free. Take the radish pants fabric luster, texture, a style that belongs to New Zealand elegant casual with the resulting.

NEWFOUND纽方2014秋装新款:入秋早准备 选对外套抗温差

Feel soft sweater coat, so the pink color highlights the feminine unique soft, Y-type collar that is modified face, the collar of the two sets of design and slim texture design, fun pocket decoration and practicality, great sense of hierarchy . Take the creative and practical wear stovepipe pants, a stylish fashion outfit.

NEWFOUND纽方2014秋装新款:入秋早准备 选对外套抗温差

Simple style with a gradual change of the chiffon design, the front waist and waist pleats make the garment Slim and self-cultivation effect, full of three-dimensional art effect. Simple and elegant atmosphere without losing the atmosphere of the coat to take a simple, white and red brought fresh people shines.

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