Emerald market has recently shown signs of fever

In recent years, Jade and other jade have staged a realistic version of "Crazy Stone". The price has been advancing rapidly. It has risen at least 10 times in 10 years, and some varieties have risen several times. However, data from the recent Burmese "public" auction, that is, the Myanmar Jewelry Trade Fair, showed that the raw material prices of Burma's jadeite have cooled from heat to heat. It has been learned that Ruili City in Yunnan Province, known as the “source of jadeite in China”, and jade and jade sales towns such as Beijing and Guangzhou have similar information, high-grade jadeite is priceless, and the prices of middle and low-grade jadeite are down compared to the same period of last year. One or two percent.

"Public trading" has been plagued with cold and retail. For a long time, people are convinced that jade only rises because it is "scarce." Jadeite is a kind of non-renewable resource. It is called jadeite in mineralogy, and the jade is extremely delicate, and it is named "King of Jadeite". Compared to other types of jade such as white jade, Jade also has a distinctive feature. It is a single source of raw materials, and jadeite raw materials that can be used as jewelry are only found in Burma. The finest jadeite is produced only in the Lulu River, a tributary of the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar. . Over the past 20 years, Burmese jadeite has been overexploited, which is equivalent to 10 times the sum of the previous 300 years of exploitation. The resources of jade mines are always limited, so some people have always said in an alarmist way that mining at this rate will continue. If there are no new mining areas to be discovered in the future, it will not be many years before Myanmar will have no jade for mining.

At present, Myanmar Emerald raw materials can only exit through the annual “public” auction organized by the government, of which about 90% are exported to China, so we must predict the domestic jade market, and look at the “public” in Myanmar. According to reports, the recently held "Public" auction in Burma is not optimistic: Compared with the "wonderful events" that had previously been attended by 20,000 or more people, the number of people attending this year has fallen to 2,000; the rise in raw materials has decreased, and the volume of raw stone has decreased. It is down 70%. The rise and fall in the price of raw materials reflected in the retail market usually requires a conduction process with a lag time of 3 months.

Not so much cheap and odious. In fact, it is not just the Jade market that is currently in the doldrums. The white jade market can be described as half a mile. According to Xinjiang Hetian jade raw material market information alliance, in January this year, the price of low-end Hetian jade seed material fell by 15%-20% compared with November last year. There are also art markets, property markets, and stock markets. These are all related to the global economic environment under the haze.

But all hype is inseparable from the "scarce" story. However, scarcity may not be realistic. Insiders pointed out that "Jade mine resources are limited, but it will not be depleted soon, because the jade will grow up. Conservatively estimated that Burmese jade mining no problem for 50 years." Moreover, various new jade is also being discovered, diverted People's demand for jadeite. Not long ago, “The Voice of Myanmar” reported that a ruby ​​mine with a hardness of 8.9 and economic development value was recently discovered in the Meilin area at the source of the Bilin River at the junction of Karen State and Shan State in Myanmar. Quality is second only to the famous one. Momo red treasure. Huang Longyu, who first appeared in the imitation Huang Fei jade face, also obtained the authentication last year and was first included in the “National Gemstone Name”.

"The jadeite market is the time to return to rationality. There is no commodity that can only rise without falling." A person in the investment community told reporters. He believes that the use of the famous artist Ma Weidou to evaluate the art market is also applicable to evaluate the jade market: “A fisher who watches the fish on the shore sees that the fish is hypertrophy, immediately he is unwilling to be a person, and then he goes straight into the water to participate in fishing. However, once the water was found to be easy to fish, it wouldn't be so easy to fish it.

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