Evaluate domestic cotton purchasing and storage policies

In the global financial crisis, various countries have launched rescue plans. The content of the plan is nothing but stabilizing the market, increasing investment and expanding consumption. The rescue plan that I most directly feel is cotton purchase and storage. The original intention of the policy should be to stabilize the market and protect the interests of growers.

Up to now, the amount of storage and storage of cotton has exceeded 1.1 million tons, and the price for storage and storage is 12600+400=13,000 yuan/ton. The price of Zheng cotton in the same period is 10500 to 11,500 yuan/ton, with an average of 11,000 yuan/ton. The price of storage and storage was 2,000 yuan higher than the market price, 1.1 million tons was collected, and the direct loss was 2.2 billion yuan.

Cotton storage and storage are only representative of the storage and storage of agricultural products, and the situation of soybeans is very similar. The effect of our policy is mainly to stabilize market prices, and the direct effect of expanding demand is not obvious.

The most important point is that our policy repeats its own mistakes that have been difficult to change. The lack of domestic demand in China is related to its own economic structure. Enterprises are profit-making entities, and personal disposable income has not increased enough. The real beneficiaries of the cotton purchase and storage policy are the cotton enterprises, and the main 400 ginners of this collection and storage.

Storage and storage started the cotton purchase market a bit, but cotton farmers did not get too much benefit. The price of 400 cotton can be sold to 12,000 to 12,300 yuan per ton, which is higher than 1000 yuan for small-sized cotton in the same period. The price difference between the merchants ranges from 1,000 to 2,000 yuan, and in the current unfavorable market environment, the handling fee for single-receiving delivery companies in the Beijing Cotton Exchange Market as a collection and storage intermediary exceeds 10 million yuan (10 yuan/tonne, not including The fee for storing cotton in storage may be 10 yuan or less). 10 million yuan is not a small profit for the Beijing cotton market. What I mean by this is that in an environment of sluggish and even layoffs in all walks of life, someone actually made a big fortune on national policies. This shows that our economic structure really needs to be improved.

Our collection and storage policies should benefit cotton farmers and increase personal disposable income so that we can start domestic demand and facilitate economic restructuring. However, current policies have increased corporate profits. It is no wonder that China’s economic growth has always been driven by investment. There is no report on consumer demand investment. What is our economic development goal? ? ?

Moreover, the storage of human resources has pushed up the price of raw materials, weakened the competitiveness of enterprises, and created favorable sales opportunities for imported goods. In contrast, those economic policies that benefit individuals are more fair and effective.

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