Fall in love with 2013 autumn fashion fiery filming

shelove love brand recently shot in the international garden city of Xiamen in the fall of 2013 fashion blockbusters, the love of the new season continues the brand has always insisted the simple, stylish, fresh style, color and tailoring have significantly improved over the previous quarter, and Creatively integrate some leisure elements into a fashionable ladylike style so as to expand a large number of people who are willing to love the product to adapt to the crowd and bring a brand new fashion sensory experience to consumers.

SHELOVE • Department of love the parent company Even the industry for many years in Xiamen for high-end brand fashion ODM weaving services, has accumulated considerable experience and strength in product development, manufacturing and weaving, supply chain management in a leading position, at present, The company has three garment factories, two product research and development centers.

SHELOVE • At the beginning of its establishment, SHELOVE established its business strategy of focusing on product and retail management as the core competitiveness. It always insisted on providing consumers with high-quality and cost-effective fashion products and helping dealers to conduct refined retail operation management and brand operation. In the past three years, Its simple and stylish design, rich and lively colors, smooth and graceful tailoring and favored by consumers and love. With its refined retail management model and quick turnaround in sales turnover

SHELOVE • Department of love in the rapid rise of the market, a few days ago, Shelove Department of Love by the China Economic Information Network as China's most potential young ladies brand ten.

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