Next door girls non-straight shop performance PK activities perfect curtain call

We strengthened our support for non-straight pipe shops and encouraged non-straight pipe shops to actively create more positive results. Since April 2013, our operation center has organized performance PK activities for non-straight pipe shops in all regions of the country. It is reported that in April and May respectively, "performance completion rate" and "chain growth rate" were PK, June is based on the above two indicators comprehensive evaluation, award-winning shop list has been officially released recently. Eventually, Xili, Shenzhen Nanshan won the championship in June with a composite score of 108.5. The score of 104.9 was followed in Quanzhou, Guangxi. Quanzhou Jinjiang Yangdian won the third place with a margin of 0.2 points.


June champion - Shenzhen Nanshan Xili shop


Runner-up in June - Guangxi Hengxian rubbing Jiang shop


June Third Runner - Quanzhou Jin Yang Yang shop

With the announcement of the list of winning stores in June, this non-straight shop performance PK activities temporarily come to an end. Through this activity, not only greatly improved the performance of non-straight tube shop, more importantly, the vast majority of shop employees to improve the enthusiasm and enthusiasm for sales in the terminal has gradually formed a "not to be outdone, never fight the first" and benign Competitive atmosphere. According to one award-winning shop owner, "PK activity is over, but the confidence and enthusiasm of our shop colleagues will not end. We will continue to maintain a good mental state and create better performance for our stores."

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