Girls have a literary complex, and they are very "virgo" in their bones.

Years ago, Bao Jie met the first girl who was fascinated by wenwan. At that time, wenwan was only a part of the uncle's personal taste, so her appearance was amazing. Later, more and more girls began to contact Wenwen. Different identities have the same "wenwan complex."

1   Girls love not literary play, it is quiet.

For the first girl who was fascinated by the literary play, I nicknamed "Little Snow". She is a post-80, like many 80s. She is lively and lovely, and loves to dress up, but she plays quietly, but quietly The ground is like a lily flower in the spring breeze.



It seems to be "playing things", but it actually precipitates the soul.

From Xiao Xue’s experience, Bao Jie felt the quiet temperament of a wenwan girl. The world is prosperous, and the Buddha language: "A thought into a Buddha, a thought into a demon", let go of troubles only between one thought, but this thought has to be cultivated for many years. Playing wenwan is a way of self-cultivation. Behind it is the polishing of the mind and the understanding of life.

Therefore, every woman who loves to play has a light heart. In the face of life, they are not separated, but stick to it. Just like playing a string of wenwan bracelets, want to live bright, do not mind how to do it?

2 What kind of wenwan is your temperament suitable for?

Different types of women's favorite literary and play types are different. Only four typical ones are recommended here, which are suitable for novices to play.

Play small gourd: childlike heart

On the one hand, the little gourd is petite and cute, on the other hand, it is homophonic with "Flu", so many girls who are childlike are very fond of it. They play every day, gradually make the small gourd discolored, produce a patina, and the more beautiful the playing.

Play beeswax: romantic tenderness

The beeswax has always been deeply loved by the royal aristocrats and wealthy businessmen. It has a unique elegance and caters to the girl's pursuit of romance. The mysterious power of her own makes the people who love it gain wealth and luck.


Play Xingyue: Girlhood

If you are a girl who has just come into contact with wenwan, the literary retro Xingyue Bodhi is undoubtedly the best for you. With the unremitting play, Bodhi's stars and moons will become deeper and more beautiful, and its moving legends will satisfy your teenage feelings. I want to be beautiful and very beautiful. It’s better to watch the stars and moons. But if you really want to grind your heart, you will come to the meat. It’s a very narrow gap. Xiaojingang will wait until you have all cleaned up.

Play Xiao Jingang: Leng Yan Goddess

Some girls are naturally fond of challenges, giving people the feeling of glamorous goddess, so Bao Jie recommended Xiao Jingang, a very tempered wenwan. Its flesh is very convex, the gap is very narrow, and the cleansing can make you feel calm.


3 want to get attached to the wenwan, have to play with the heart

Different wenwan bracelets have different ways of playing, but the basic principle is still the same, especially for girls who like beautiful things, the value of wenwan is naturally hopefully higher.

However, playing wenwan is not the same as playing other things. It has not been changed for three or five days, one week, and two months. Many wenwan games are actually over the years. Therefore, if you have met some girls for a few years and haven't changed it for a few years, don't vomit her old-fashioned, this is her full of love for wenwan.


Want to get in touch with wenwan, you must understand it first.

Playing wenwan is not silly in the hands of grinding, you have to understand its habits, principles, such as color change? Why is the pulp? What is hanging porcelain? What is opening? If you don't understand it, you can't get in touch with your own literary play. How can you achieve the quiet world of "one thing, one thing, one heart and one thing"?

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