How much do you know about Hetian jade's "structure"?


I often hear customers say that a piece of Hetian jade material is very fine and moist, so what is the “fine” here and what is the character of Hetian jade? How should we judge the fineness of Hetian jade?

In fact, fineness, that is, fineness, is one of the important quality indicators of white jade, and it is also one of the main reasons for the difference in appearance and feel of finished products. Fineness is closely related to fat. But fineness and density are two different concepts, and Hetian jade is not the same as density and fineness.

We know that Hetian jade is a collection of fiber structures. If the inside of jade is observed by transmitted light, its fiber structure can be seen and is irregular. In some places, the fiber structure is relatively tight, and some places are rough, so that we It is possible to see the mineral structure of the jade inside which is not uniform in size. For jade with good fineness, the internal mineral structure is relatively equal in size, and the arrangement is relatively regular. When using the transmitted light to look inside the jade, we can feel that the interior of the jade is very clean and tidy. However, jade with a fine degree of fineness does not have the same density, that is, the tightness of the mineral content inside the jade is not high, and the jade with good fineness does not necessarily show a feeling of oiliness.

There are two aspects to the fineness: one is the size and uniformity of the jade, and the other is also the fineness of the structure, that is, the fineness and uniformity of the cloud.

Fine structure

Generally, the internal structure of Hetian jade is distributed with fine cloud-float structure, and the arrangement is fine and neat. The finer the fine structure of the floc structure, the better. See the short cloud structure should be seen from the side, not from the back. Light, the back of the light can only see impurities, can not see the structure. For the seed material, the finer the finer the cloud, the better the whiteness of the seed material will be slightly larger, the whiteness is high, the structure is dense and the density is very expensive. However, it is a minority that pays attention to the seed material. However, Qinghai material does not see the structure. The Qinghai material is not a fine structure of the cloud floc, but the cloud floc structure is incompletely developed. It will be found that more is a fine dot structure. The Russian material generally has a large cloud structure and is mixed with plaque structure, but there are also a small amount of fine structure that can not be seen. The high-light white light does not see the structure, and the Qinghai old materials and high-quality Russian materials are mostly.

Many people tend to mistake the size of the seed jade structure as a delicate degree. In fact, this is not the case. The fineness is the size of the particles in the white jade. The difference between the seed material and the mountain material, as well as the Russian material and the Qinghai material, is mainly in the fineness. The granules of the material are generally much smaller than various kinds of mountain materials, which is why the seed material has better oiliness and feel than the Russian material. Why use sheep fat to describe the top white jade seed is because the sheep fat is very delicate, there is a feeling that it can melt it, only the fineness of the tray will have this feeling. In addition, if the density is good enough, the polished jade will have a strong jade texture. The so-called jade texture is a soft and strong luster, but also contains a strong internal light. Jade pieces with strong jade texture are born with a noble atmosphere.

A good sanding and polishing master can make the surface of Russian and Qinghai materials look as delicate as the seed material through special grinding, which will be fooled by many people, including some experienced sellers. The gap between the Russian and Qinghai materials is relatively large, that is, the fineness is poor, and the performance is not easy to smooth and smooth. At the same time, the feel will be more simmering. This is because the structure of the jade will be harder than the surrounding, so the difference is also thicker. The more obvious, the Qinghai and Russian materials often produce bright spots or mottled feelings. Now the grinding technology can still polish these materials to look very fine and oily, but it can not change its original structure, so after comparison After a long time of playing, it will become raw.

Fineness judgment

Putting Hetian jade in the sun will reflect the halo under the illumination of strong light. The more it is, the better the fineness of the jade. The better the degree of polishing and polishing, the less likely to cause collapse. Visually and intuitively judge the method of Hetian jade fineness and oiliness, but this method is more difficult to master and needs to be accumulated with a lot of experience before it can be identified.

In fact, there is no bottom line in fineness. Just like whiteness, there are finer details in the fine, so many jade friends will ask if the fineness of this material is top-level. In fact, this is wrong. The fineness is not top-level. Expressed.

Enjoy playing and Tian Yu, you may wish to see, touch, and see.掂掂 Weight, feel the density of jade, the jade structure with a sense of falling is better; slowly, feel the delicate degree of jade. Hetian jade is not white, but delicate is indispensable. Its color, texture and structure meet a certain standard is the sheep fat jade, the texture is fine, the structure is tight, the whiteness is naturally the charm of Hetian jade!

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