Health reminder: don't wear hard-soled shoes

As the weather gets hot, all kinds of sandals have become the first choice for people. However, some experts pointed out that people with tinea pedis should not wear shoes that are too hard at the end.

According to Gao Shunqiang, director of the Department of Dermatology at Hebei Medical University Hospital, the athlete's foot is the highest in all diseases caused by fungi. The common symptoms are unbearable itching, scaling, and blisters. The reason why there is enough recurrent attack and can not be cured is related to the patients' misunderstanding and irregular treatment. Among them, inappropriate footwear is also one of the reasons for the induction of athlete's foot.

Gao Shunqiang suggested that it is best for patients with athletes and peasants to wear hard-soled slippers, because the soles are too hard and cause tiny cracks in the feet to induce erysipelas, which can also lead to the infection of the athlete's foot. In addition, it is also bad practice to wear barefooted shoes, barefooted shoes, and leather shoes, because it is easier to induce athlete's foot.

Therefore, the best choice for athletes with soft cotton slippers. In addition, athletes and athletes should penetrate good shoes and socks, do not wear rubber shoes, sports shoes; shoes and socks should be regularly exposed to dry; in public places such as swimming pools, bathrooms, do not use public towels, slippers, etc.; do not mix with others Wear shoes socks so as not to re-infect; after washing the feet, it should be wiped off; people with more sweating can use scorpion powder. Keeping your feet clean and dry is a prerequisite for preventing the occurrence of athlete's foot.

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