How to wear a simple style stylish sense? See tide people to Weapon

There has been a saying since ancient times that "women are the content of their own dear ones." It is understood that there are five different interpretations of this sentence. They are: First, the girl (or woman) elaborately cares for her own people Dress up; secondly, the girl (or woman) elaborately dressed for the person she likes (her dear friend); third, the girl (or woman) elaborately looks for the pleasure of self (self-serving person) Fourth, a woman is radiant because of being loved (capacity); Fifth, a woman is surrounded by a loved one. No matter what kind of you are, it's always good to dress up and take care of yourself, not only to make yourself feel happy, but also to infect people around you, is not it? This summer, lemon yellow is still the protagonist of fashion color, because the eye-catching lemon yellow effortlessly earn enough eyeballs; this simple and luxuriant lemon yellow dress, very eye-catching, the waist in the pleated design adds a level of visual effects , But without losing the bright spot; Slim style, the perfect show the same good posture of women, with a pair of high-heeled shoes of the same color, the feminine flavor. Throughout the fashion trend, the combination of black and white, is the only classic combination not to be eliminated; white pure, fresh, black, elegant, mysterious, the perfect combination of the two, bringing a distinctive temperament; black Slim strap Take a white T-shirt skirt, simple and elegant, full of fashion sense, with a pair of lovers shoes, will be simple casual style in the end, you can also be a pair of high heels, to highlight the femininity. Picture Source: Qian Yi Mall Women

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