Warmly celebrate the successful Korean women's brand Colangen settled in Dalian Mackay music

From South Korea's brand Coolidan on May 24 successfully settled in Dalian Mackay floor, third floor boutique women's clothing, the brand designed by South Korean designers, 尽显 noble and elegant charm. During the opening of shopping over 3000 yuan to send exquisite bone china box, over 6000 yuan to send double-cup two-disc four-piece set, over 10,000 yuan to send high-end travel Trolley Case. Welcome to visit appreciate! Mackay Mall in Dalian 110,000 square meters of construction area, covering almost all the current shopping mall in Qingdao format and variety of goods. Both supermarkets, cosmetics, jewelry, clothing for boys and girls, daily necessities, sports goods, household appliances and so on, but also cinemas, fitness clubs, restaurants and other supporting formats. Is "high-end lifestyle proposal department store." Korean-style high-end women 's Corolis brand , in the "love, letter, reasonable thinking," and the idea of ​​sincere hospitality purposes, and strive to turn each piece of clothing into a precious art, with the Trend of fashion, brand positioning also tend to be more casual, comfortable, noble and stylish, I believe will win the favor of Dalian ladies.

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