South Korea's Samsung will push the Italian men's brand GX1983

According to foreign reports, South Korea's Samsung Group announced a few days ago it will soon launch men's brand GX1983 in Italy, including men's clothing and leather accessories. When it comes to Samsung, people tend to associate Samsung mobile phones, computers and other electronics directly, but Samsung Cheil Industries, part of the group, has been in the fashion industry since decades ago. In 1983, Samsung introduced the first men's brand Galaxy in South Korea. Thirty years later, in commemoration of the establishment of the Galaxy brand, the group will launch the GX1983 men's brand in Milan, the fashion capital of Italy. This new brand will be designed locally in Italy, first only for the Italian market and then to the entire European market. Samsung said, GX1983 men's collection will be casual wear and sportswear in one, and retain the Italian men's Seiko quality.

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