Maxi MAXRIENY-14 New autumn "romantic garden" series


Each woman has a secret possession of secret garden, are not allowed to be arbitrary, not allowed to chaos, only the park full of romance!

Victorian behemoth awake

You are not a Queen of Victoria, you do not have to force yourself to run the country, but you have to demand that you have the same wonderful life and romantic enjoyment as the Queen. This is a privilege for you as a woman, and it is Mary's responsibility to experience the beauty To this end, Maxi Sini court art in Victoria during the restoration of fashion, and wake up a hundred years of sleepy Victoria Behemoth, it will oath loyalty to protect the absolute beauty of your romantic garden! The company is located in:


〖Marc Xini court reproduction fashion〗

Back in the late 19th century, Victorian, restrained but not understated aesthetics, the series of designs are full of aristocrats. On the outlines of high courtesan, Raphley's collar and shoulders, Through the modern sense of the truncated type of jacket and long windbreaker lead 14 autumn and winter fashion trends, while lace and folds to plump gorgeous vision, and the bold use of stripe with a green shuttle fabric, so that the overall color sense of coordination, and silver and white snow The integration of elegant taste.

玛克茜妮MAXRIENY—14新秋“浪漫后花园”系列 玛克茜妮MAXRIENY—14新秋“浪漫后花园”系列 玛克茜妮MAXRIENY—14新秋“浪漫后花园”系列 玛克茜妮MAXRIENY—14新秋“浪漫后花园”系列

When you shed flowers and look forward to it, it will open out the hope of fragrant, only to your honest romantic garden, 14 new autumn Mary Cox Ni inviting the Queen to enter the park to appreciate, dip a fashion atmosphere!

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