Take you to understand calico

Take you to understand calico

Calico is a type of widely-accessible textile fabric that is commonly found on fabrics such as bags, backpacks, school bags, and home textiles. It is an indispensable textile fabric. However, many people have no idea what the printed fabric is. Today, we will take you to understand what the printed fabric is.

Printed cloth is made by printing and dyeing with white cloth. It was very popular during the Tang and Song Dynasties. It reached its peak during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Before the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Lingbao Dyeing Workshop was about 100 homes, distributed in counties, townships, and major villages. Business was booming. During the production, the white cloth is immersed in water, and then mixed with bean flour and gypsum to form a paste. The plate is made of hard oil paper, and patterns of flowers, birds, insects and fish are engraved. The plate is spread on white cloth, printed with a doctor blade, and then cast. Dyeing in the dyeing tank, peeling off the adherents on the pattern after drying. Printed cloth was once deeply loved by people and was used as a must-have item for dowry and clothing.

The printing cloth can be divided into transfer printing and infiltration printing according to different processes.

According to the different printing process equipment can be divided into:

1) Hand-printed cloth. Including batik, tie-dye, tie flowers, hand-painted, hand-plate printing and so on.

2) Machine printing cloth:

- A, roller printing.

- B, screen printing. (Including flat screen printing, rotary screen printing)

- C, transfer printing cloth.

- D, other printed cloth: inkjet printing, electrostatic printing, hot flowers, burnt-out, anti-dyed, discharge, flocking printing and so on.

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