The choice of home textile style should be unified, to follow this principle

Mix and match style

Through interviews, the reporter found that many of the newly listed home textile products have broken through the traditional elements of design, boldly using multi-material, multi-pattern mix and match design is gradually popular, visual sense of individuality.

The integration of irregular lines, metallic color, geometric cutting, laser processing, and multi-layer fabrics make the overall home textiles mix and match at the same time, there is no lack of retro flavor.

In addition, under the trend of people's pursuit of safety, health, and nature as the theme, the traditional old coarse cloth of pure handcrafting has become a new favorite of the home textile market, and the retro style has come back. According to Guo Xiangli, the old coarse cloth has the characteristics of pure cotton texture, hand-weaving, ethnic patterns, ancient folk crafts, etc., which conforms to the consumption trend of people advocating green and returning to nature. It has soft texture, good air permeability, no static electricity and long-lasting durability. The color is bright but not unassuming. It has good health and skin-beautifying effect. It does not use pesticides, chemical dyes and formaldehyde. It is especially suitable for the elderly and children.

Whether it is small fresh, mix and match style, or contain a retro atmosphere, when purchasing home textiles, should be purchased according to the overall decoration style of the living room, family members' preferences, etc., in order to maintain the uniformity and coordination of style.

Guo Xiangli said: "When buying home textile products, you must understand the size of your living room and furniture, and understand the size of home textile products; in the fabric, it should also be based on the preferences of the owner and the overall decoration style of the room. At the same time, the functions of the living room are different, and the style of the home textiles to be purchased is also different. Generally speaking, the curtains, cushions and blankets in the living room should be selected with uniform style and generous patterns; while in the children's room, the patterns are lively and warm. Tonal-based home textiles."

In addition, most consumers only know that formaldehyde comes from wood-based panels, laminate flooring or furniture, but few people know that textiles such as curtains and bed sheets can also cause formaldehyde pollution in indoor environments. Therefore, you should pay attention to formaldehyde when purchasing home textile products. content. “Citizens should smell the smell when buying home textiles. If there is an odor, it is best not to buy it; at the same time, try to be light-colored; and be cautious when purchasing fabrics and curtain products that are treated with anti-wrinkle, softness, and flatness. It is necessary to pay attention to whether the fabric label indicates the formaldehyde content; if a new home textile product is purchased, it should be soaked, washed, and dried before use." Guo Xiangli said.

In a few days, I was looking forward to the May Day holiday. I used the holiday to change my family's bed linen, curtains and other textile products, and I also changed my mood. So, what is the trend of home textiles this year? What do you need to pay attention to when buying home textiles? In this regard, the reporter conducted a visit.

Small fresh and popular

Small floral, pinstripe, contrast color... In the home textiles area of ​​a certain market in the capital, the reporter saw that the “small and fresh” style, which is characterized by its elegant, natural and simple features, is now more and more popular among the public. In addition to the design of the room, even the home textile products are occupied by the bright and "small fresh" style of spring.

Guo Xiangli, manager of Ailei Home Textiles, told reporters that small floral, pinstripes and bold color contrast styles are one of the small and fresh signs. This kind of home textile products gives people a soft, full of vitality and sunny feeling. People's moods are very helpful.

“The caveat is that no matter which combination you use, such as a room with more than one color, you should follow this principle: choose a theme color, such as the color of the wall and floor, and a small amount of auxiliary colors, such as cabinets and sofas. The background color, together with a number of embellishments, such as the pattern color of the textile, makes the main color of the room consistent." Guo Xiangli said.

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