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Ya Qian (International) underwear brand is a research and development, design, production and sales of large integrated underwear business, the Group administered Zhejiang Ya Qian brand management Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Ya Qian underwear Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Lily Underwear Co., Ltd., Lili International Fashion Investment Co., Ltd., Dongguan Li Xiu underwear, Ya Hong International Limited Hong Kong Co., Ltd. and a number of wholly owned subsidiaries; with Jinhua in Zhejiang, Lianshui in Jiangsu, Dongguan, Guangdong, three independent production base. Leading products are bras, underwear, thermal underwear, seamless body underwear, home service, swimwear, yoga clothing and other full range of underwear products.


Since 2005, Ya Qian Group a strong shot, the launch of the "Ya Qian" main underwear brand for the domestic market, vigorously promote the "Ya Qian Yi Fang Square" underwear chain business model, the first underwear industry "1 +1" marketing model, and for the first time In the country put forward the "5S" sales concept. In 2006, Ya Xi underwear successfully signed Wen Bixia as the brand ambassador. In 2008, Ya Qian won the title of "China Well-known Trademark". In the same year, Wu Peicci became the new spokesperson. So far, Ya Qian Group respectively in the country a dozen key markets set up an office and brand management. At present, the domestic "Ya Qian Yi Fang Square" chain has reached more than 1,000. Yaqian Group strive to continue to meet consumer demand, providing consumers with caring and thoughtful service; the same time, innovation-driven, committed to creating the most powerful underwear terminal sales system, a new model of the domestic underwear chain leader.

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