Timberland Timberland Spring and Summer 2012 launches a new wave of sailing shoes

Timberland Timberland's spring and summer 2012 new product leads the wave of sailing shoes, and the first-time vibrant new product shows the perfect performance of the spring and summer new product. The final model raised the sail and ignited the boiling point of the whole field. In the summer of 2012, ride with Timberland and take care of yourself!

The special Tmberland sailboat-shaped exhibition frame, historical photos of the brand and the historical photographs of the boat shoes tell the history of the brand and the long history of sailing shoes. The evolution of the sailing shoes in each era shows the fusion of classic and modern. The launch of the lively new product show with the dancer's wonderful performance perfectly presented the spring and summer new product series. The last model raised the sail and ignited the boiling point of the whole game. In the summer of 2012, ride with Timberland and take care of yourself!

Timberland sailing shoes family new spring and summer 2012

In the new spring and summer 2012 show, the Timberland sailing shoe family is undoubtedly the most compelling. Since the birth of the first hand-stitched “classic sailing shoe” in 1979, it has been the representative of Timberland’s ultimate pursuit of excellence and classic design. After 33 years of changing trends, the Timberland family of sailing yachts has become even more compelling with a bigger product line and a more stylish design concept. Among them, ladies casual sailing shoes series with bright and relaxed colors as the main theme, lit summer summer ocean of passion. As a technical sponsor of the London Olympic Games Spanish Olympic sailing team, Timberland also launched the Formentor series of professional sailing shoes, with excellent anti-fouling performance and outstanding grip on any ground conditions, providing professional braving for the sea brave. select. In addition, as a huge support for the sailing family, various types of casual T-shirts and sailing shorts in the summer are also very eye-catching, so that the guests on the scene can not put it down.

The magician came to the stage to present the sailing shoes of each era to the guests through the fun nautical theme magic.

During the event, a magician came to the stage and displayed the sailing shoes of each era in front of the guests through an interesting nautical theme magic. The magic “paper towel magic” kept an ordinary paper towel in the ink and kept it as it was. Don't think that this is really the charm of magic, in fact, thanks to the Ion-mask water repellent and anti-fouling technology used by Timberland. The same is true for paper towels, not to mention your love shoes. The dancer's short play also sparked the visitors' interest in sailing shoes. The performance of wear-resistant non-slip was well explained. At the same time, the models on the show stage are full of vigor to fully display the 2012 spring and summer series, evoking the endless imagination of the seaside leisure travel, and the moment the sail is lifted, it also represents the official start of the spring and summer tour.

In fact, as the world's leading outdoor brand, Timberland has been committed to providing the highest quality footwear, apparel and accessories products to everyone who truly loves the outdoors since the brand was established. It also pays more attention to quality and taste shaping to consumers. Provide a more comprehensive outdoor experience. Adhering to this insistence, Timberland has also incorporated many marine elements on the scene, starting with a heated water drum show and opening up an immersive marine adventure for the audience. The classic products of the sailing shoe family and the new products of this season are sailing across the sea with white sails. The huge rudder hangs on the photo display stand, demonstrating the sense of power at the helm. In addition, in order to convey to the audience a more intuitive navigation experience, Timberland also set up a simulation of sail interactive games for the audience to experience the exciting moment of sailing.

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As we all know, Timberland has always spared no effort to adhere to the commitment to environmental protection while providing consumers with quality products and enriching outdoor experiences! In addition to the marine summer new products, the Timberland Earth Guardian concept has also been incorporated into summer products, telling their own environmental stories, low-carbon and stylish. At the dawn of Earth Day on April 22, Timberland paid tribute with its environmentally friendly products. Timberland will continue to take the lead in environmental protection with its own actions and will convey a truly environmentally friendly lifestyle to more urban people who respect nature.

The summer of 2012 is a season full of passion. Timberland hopes to bring the vitality of summer to you who love nature through new product exhibitions. It will help you to sweat and enthusiasm in the outdoors, ride the wind and waves, and sacrifice yourself!

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