Ancient jade's "three bogeys" and "four fears"

"Three bogey" is a taboo, avoid greasy, avoid dirty gas. Jade jealousy, avoid contact with sturdy objects, salty taste, astringent taste are easy to damage jade. Jade oil, some places where ancient jade is buried, because the soil is insufficient, often sticky and greasy, so that the clear light can not be revealed. Some people play jade, like to use facial oil, hair oil and other friction control, more useful to eat the remaining * oil on the jade, thinking that this can make the ancient jade oil. In fact, these oils prevent the ancient jade from revealing the light and become a kind of "closed", which can not make it warm. Experienced play jade expert, play for a long time, I am afraid to give oil, wash it with hot water or wash it with hot tea at intervals, for oil maintenance, so that jade can run. Jade is not filthy. Full of filth, that is, Panyu, will make the ancient jade's soil door occluded, and the limestone of the jade can't be withdrawn. Even if it is played on the Japanese day, it will be laborious and even ruthless.

For the ancient jade, the insiders also circulated "four fears." One is afraid of ice. The ancient jade is often in contact with the ice, and the earthen door is damaged. If the jade is not outstanding, it will not live and become a "dead color." The second is afraid of water. If the ancient jade is often close to the fire, the color paste will retreat. Unlike natural geothermal heat, ancient jade has long been steamed by natural geothermal heat, softened and changed, and will be slowly invaded by color. The third is afraid of ginger water. Some people think that soaking with ginger water can remove cockroaches and stink. actually not. The ancient jade is in contact with the ginger water, and the existing color will be completely dull. If it is soaked for too long, it will be covered with pockmarks. In the future, it will be difficult to remedy the game. The fourth is fear of falling. This is a well-known truth.

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