Pearl _ pearl shape characteristics

The shape of the pearl is various, and it has a round shape, a pear shape, an egg shape, a teardrop shape, a button shape, and an arbitrary shape, and a circle is preferred. Heterogeneous.

The colors are white, pink, light yellow, light green, light blue, brown, lavender, black, etc., mainly white. White streaks. It has a typical pearl luster with a soft luster and a rainbow glow. Transparent to translucent.

The refractive index is 1.530-1.686 and the birefringence is 0.156. No dispersion phenomenon. Hardness 2.5-4.5.

The density of natural freshwater pearls is generally 2.66-2.78g/cm3, which varies depending on the place of production. No clerk. Good toughness. Under short-wave ultraviolet light, the pearls are white, light yellow, light green, and blue, and the black pearls are reddish-fluorescent; under X-rays, there are yellowish white fluorescence. Foaming with hydrochloric acid.

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