Elegant style at the foot of winter men's shoes

Bennett December 11 hearing, shoes for men is more important than that. It can be imagined that a man dressed in a fashionable dress is wearing a pair of LOW shoes under his feet. How funny the scene will be. We often hear that some stars have collections of quirks, and most of them are the collection of shoes. The reason is actually very simple. A pair of good shoes is a symbol of taste and status for men, and matching with clothing improves the temperament of the whole person; the more important point is that it can play a decorative role, and can also reflect the quality of life and attitude of men. Thus it can be seen how important it is to choose a pair of fashionable men's shoes.

MARNI is about 3,430 yuan

This is a Brock style burgundy leather round-toed shoes. Exquisitely carved, fleece-lined, rubber-embossed soles, full of European retro mood, but combined with modern fashion elements, put on absolutely stylish retro gentleman temperament.

SAINT LAURENT is about 3,520 yuan

This is a "Almond Toe" with black patent leather shoes. The upper is made of leather and suede stitching each other. It does not have much decoration and patterns, and it has a minimalist style. Whether it is a formal or casual Dress, this is a good fashion item.

BALENCIAGA is about 2,820 yuan

This is a pair of white suede high-top casual sports shoes. Between the white suede with a special material fabric of light gray coarse particles, add a great bright spot for the concise whole, this is the so-called simple but not simple.

SAINT LAURENT is about 5,105 yuan

This is a black, shiny leather lace shoe. The design highlights of this pair of shoes are obvious, which is the spread of the front golden flats, adding avant-garde fashion sense to ordinary leather shoes. (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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