Taiwan LED factory develops ultra-durable lamps to block Baidu boiling water

In the LED industry, the competition is fierce, and there is a LED factory in New Taipei City, which has only been established for 6 years. It is not only profitable and profitable, but also plans to recruit people for expansion because they have developed ultra-durable LED lights at 100 degrees. In boiling water, minus 65 degrees cold storage, and even deep water can be used, engineers rely on creativity to spell out 200 million annual revenue, thousands of products are not only sold to Europe and the United States, even the Middle East, India, Russia have people order.

In the highly competitive LED industry, Taiwanese manufacturers not only have to fight for gross profit, but also to fight for quality and durability. Just like this LED light, it is no problem to throw it into boiling water. Taiwanese manufacturers show strength, 100 degrees of boiling water is not boiled hot pot but boiled LED lamps, open the LED light in the freezing library of minus 65 degrees, the same is not affected, this small company founded only six years, can be said to be Taiwan LED industry strives to transform representatives.

The large ball is specially used to check the light quality of the LED bulb. The computer knows that the lock screw and the light are measured to the assembly inspection. Don't underestimate this production line. This factory can produce thousands of products every year to create 2 Billion years of revenue. This head is waterproof, and another quality control technician wears sunglasses one by one. The LED brightness is not enough. It is the best selling from the Middle East and India, the golden LED light to the best-selling platinum in Europe and America, even the requirements of Japanese customers. Black lamp holders, they all do it out, engineers fight to start research and development, from 6 people to hundreds of people, in the case of the general loss of the LED industry, but also the loss of benefits, even plans to recruit people to expand production By relying on the development of creative quality, another way is seen in the LED Red Sea.

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