Teach you all kinds of fabric clothes to mold spots

The rainy weather has increased. The high temperature and humid environment in some areas have breedd the breeding of mold. For the wardrobe of storage clothes, it is necessary to open the ventilation place frequently and keep the wardrobe dry. Otherwise, you will find some mildew on some light-colored clothes, which not only affects the beauty of the clothes, but also threatens the health of the more important world. So how do you deal with these mildew spots? Today, Xiaobian is a few tricks for everyone.

Cotton clothes

A few green bean sprouts can be used, and the mold is repeatedly rubbed in the place where there is mildew, and then rinsed with water, and the mildew is removed.

Silk clothes

Just soak the clothes in the water for a while, then brush them with a brush.

Chemical fiber clothes

Brush a few soapy waters with a brush; rinse with water and the mildew can be eliminated.

For light-colored clothing mold spots, you can soak in rice water for one night, and then follow the normal laundry procedure.

Wool clothing

Put the clothes in the sun for a few hours. After drying, brush the mildew with a brush.

Leather clothes

You can use a towel to rub some soapy water repeatedly. After decontamination, rinse with water. After drying, apply jacket oil.

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