Fall / Winter 2014 What color popular autumn and winter 2014 fashion trends

Fashion is always reincarnation, each cycle and return are indicative of the next season trend comeback, autumn and winter 2014, what is the most popular color is the focus of many Amy people. For the autumn and winter 2014-2015, gemstone is the most influential, including several colors ranging from cranberry to crimson, followed by honey mustard, teal, light purple and cobalt blue. Also influential are pastel colors, such as pink rose, peach nude, toffee color, will be loved by the public. Xiao Bian today presented for everyone in recent quarters are very popular bright color - red line with the clothing.

Dark red for the autumn and winter 2014 brought a heavier atmosphere, but it is the most eye-catching red. Deep red dress, combined with the light sense of fabric is very attractive, with classic black, is undoubtedly the old partner combination, the classic distribution of the infinite charm, black belt and piled pile collar, even more elegant and refined.

To talk about what color fall and winter 2014 popular coat, then the red jacket is naturally not wrong. Thinking of the noble and luxurious totem printing and stripes cutting, is undoubtedly highlight the inherent temperament of magic. With black shorts and fur scarves, it is to enhance the gas field.

2014年秋冬流行什么颜色  2014年秋冬流行趋势

Fall and winter 2014, strapless shoulder elements will be followed from spring to summer, so that everyone in the cool autumn and winter, but also show off sexy. Crimson skirt style shirt, Hong Shou small sexy long, self-cultivation cut to create a chic silhouette, double the body curve. With a black fur scarf, a more kind of ladies princess Fan it.

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