Where does the sports brand melee?

<div class="article-con">Where does the sports brand melee?

The sporting goods industry is showing signs of recovery

Last year, the added value of China's sporting goods industry (manufacturing and sales of sportswear, sports shoes, sports equipment, and related sports products) reached 208.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.8%, accounting for 0.367% of GDP, which was basically the same as the same period of last year. .

Recently, the 2014 China Sporting Goods Summit Forum was held in Wuhan. At the meeting, the director of the Sports Equipment and Equipment Center of the State Sports General Administration and Deputy Director and Secretary General of the China Sporting Goods Industry Federation Li Hua announced the above figures when he published the “2013 China Sporting Goods Industry Development ***”.

Li Hua said that in the past few years, the sporting goods industry was in a period of low development. After active efforts, the industry has shown signs of recovery. In the future, innovation will become the only way for sustainable development of the sporting goods industry.

Industry insiders look at children's outdoor market: opportunity is not small

This year, outdoor equipment for children is particularly eye-catching, with data showing that it has an annual growth rate of 40%. In February of the ISPO, the number of audiences for the Children’s Outdoor Development Forum was more than five times higher than last year, and the scale of children’s outdoor public exhibitions this year was also exceeded. But for the current market environment, various outdoor brands have different views:

Pathfinder Chairman Sheng Faqiang: The Pathfinder has a dedicated outdoor children's wear team that simultaneously conducts outdoor technology docking, quality control, and branding guidelines to ensure that outdoor professional attributes give the children a safe and comfortable experience. Expect family outdoor trips to bring new scenery!

Domestic sports brands get together outdoors

After inventory clearance and a large number of store closures, the search for new business growth points has become another major move for traditional sports brands, and the outdoor industry has become the primary choice for companies.

At the end of October 2013, 361 Degrees announced the formation of a joint venture with the Nordic outdoor brand OneWay Sport. Following the launch of outdoor products, 361 Degrees will be further involved in the middle and high end outdoor products.

In fact, 361 degrees is not the first to eat crabs, before Adidas, Li Ning, Anta and other brands have entered the outdoor industry, creating an independent brand, laying channels, began a considerable sports brand style of expansion.

There are many similarities between sports and outdoors, but the functional requirements of the two are very different. If the price of a sports brand introduced is only 100 yuan, known as a waterproof outdoor shoes, in the eyes of many professional outdoor people is "very", because the manufacturing of waterproof outdoor shoes is expensive, one hundred or so can not Coverage costs. Product functionality is becoming a barrier to outdoor sports brand “cross-border”.

Outdoor brand competition children's market

With the launch of “Where Did Daddy Go?” program and the introduction of the “separate second child” policy in China, the concept of family outdoor has emerged. This has created favorable conditions for the development of outdoor children's clothing market.

In view of the domestic outdoor children's wear market, on February 19-22, at ISPO BEIJING 2014, the 10th Asian Sports Products Exhibition, from South Korea's Brekke, Czech's Alpenny and native Mugdi, even one. At the beginning, CAMKIDS, which targeted young people's outdoor sports market, all presented the latest children's outdoor products.

“As the family and the outdoors increasingly become the outdoor mainstream, children's outdoor market segments will usher in rapid development.” Xu Guoqing, general manager of Beijing Kangeryeye Travel Products Co., Ltd., said at the “ISPO BEIJING China Children’s Outdoor Development Forum”.

Relevant data show that children's outdoor has an annual growth rate of 40% of the market, relatively empty market competition, and the youth group's freshness and preference for outdoor products, all of which make the outdoor sports market for teenagers a new niche market for children's shoes and apparel.

11% Chinese buy outdoor products for mass consumption to promote industrial change

Recently, Chinese industry

A research report from Insight Network pointed out that the outdoor product market has always been distinguished from other traditional industries. In people's daily lives, outdoor products have little influence. However, with the intensification of urbanization, and the increasing popularity of outdoor sports, the outdoor product market has begun to attract attention.

Relevant data show that in 2012 there were more than 3,000 outdoor sports clubs in China, and 50-60 million outdoor sports enthusiasts. Currently, there are about 150-170 million people buying outdoor products every year, about 11% of the country’s total population, and the next 20 The development potential of China's outdoor market is huge.

The domestic outdoor market has a good momentum of business transformation or faces unknown risks

In the past two years, domestic sports brands such as Li Ning and Anta were trapped in the sluggish traditional sportswear and apparel market, and were involved in the field of outdoor products one after another to seek new growth points. Last year, the "Double Eleventh" E-commerce Festival, in the industry are pre-judging what kind of performance the Pathfinder will win the position of the domestic outdoor products industry, the camel was killed out, became the largest E-commerce Festival Outdoor supplies winner. Experts in the industry pointed out that the domestic outdoor product market has been improving for a long time, but some companies are undergoing transformation or face unknown risks.

As the person in charge of the exhibition at the China International Sporting Goods Expo outdoor products exhibition area, Yan Yulin pervades the company to understand industry trends all the year round. In an interview recently, he said that the giants of domestic sports brands entered the field of outdoor products and exacerbated market competition. However, at present, there is little change in the pattern of the industry, and the degree of brand concentration is relatively high. “Whether it is channel priority or industry priority, professional development Roads are more popular in this market segment."

"Li-Ning people" play outdoors a bit "not satisfied with the soil and water"

Li Ning, Anta and other sports brands have entered the field of outdoor supplies, but the performance is not satisfactory

Before the Archaeopteryx and other roadblocks, there are plans to follow the traditional sports brand to follow the pan-outdoor routes, there is no price advantage brand recognition

In the past two years, for sports brands such as Li Ning, Anta, and 361°, they have been involved in outdoor products in order to seek new growth. However, judging from the financial reports of various brands in 2013, the involvement in the field of outdoor products did not bring them the desired "Apple."

In the field of outdoor products, why did Li Ning “arbitrarily accept”? In the fierce competition of brands, can they stand out?

Sanfu outdoor listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange

According to the disclosure on the website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Beijing Sanfu Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. intends to list on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the total amount of public offering of shares will not exceed 17 million shares, and the total share capital to be issued will not exceed 67.0 million shares. The sponsor is Donghai Securities Co., Ltd. Limited company. The raised funds will be put into the marketing network construction, information system upgrade, supplement the working capital and other projects.

Sanfu Outdoor was founded in 1997. The first Sanfu was just a 30-square-meter shop outside the East Gate of Peking University. Over the years, it has been adhering to the business philosophy of "honest business, guaranteed after-sale" and the purpose of "sports, happiness, dreams". Sustained healthy and rapid development. At present, it has more than 30 international-class franchised stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Changchun, Qingdao, Shijiazhuang and other core cities. The business area exceeds 10,000 square meters, and it operates more than 200 domestic and foreign professional Outdoor sports brand products fully meet outdoor enthusiasts' needs for one-stop shopping for camping, hiking, rock climbing, self-driving, skiing, and leisure travel.

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