Fashion popular idol Tang Yan commuter queen encounter, wonderful boarding "boutique shopping guide"

Fashion popular idol Tang Yan encounter commuter queen, boarding "boutique shopping guide" interpretation betu 100 Figure gorgeous Baroque! Depth details of the experience of cross-border cooperation! All exclusive benefits, all in the recent "boutique shopping guide!"

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Variety "Commuter Queen" betu, has been to lead the refined and sweet image of the workplace fashion trend. 2013 autumn and winter, "boutique" and betu hand in particular invited just starred in the "Lattice Woman" popular idol Tang Yan, portrait interpretation gorgeous Baroque. In this cross-border cooperation, Tang Yan will be European gorgeous aristocratic and romantic interpretation of the most vividly. This season betu commuter loaded series, through the metal sense of material, classical jacquard cloth, vintage classic patterns and three-dimensional velvet and other elements, the perfect exquisite sweet elegance. At the same time adding the gorgeous sense of lace, the palace of the wind Ruffle and Baroque print details, the sweet and fresh image of Tang Yan and Baroque costumes each other, constitute the classical literature and art and both luxurious and beautiful scene. This time, betu continues to sweet dreams weaving the dream of a new era of urban women commuter queen.

"Commute Queen" and "sweet idol" of the integration, what kind of collision will hit the wonderful effect? September 2 "boutique shopping guide" give you the answer! "Boutique" hand in hand to lead the trend of commuter fashion loaded wind vane brand betu, inviting youth idol queen Tang Yan cross-border cooperation to launch betu2013 autumn and winter series, to create a new exquisite commuter equipment. September 2, "boutique", Tang Yan will be sweet and dreamy interpretation of the interpretation of the versatile change of Queen's charisma, portrait interpretation gorgeous baroque. Exquisite sweet yet elegant workplace Queen Fan children, I look forward to you!
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