Sweet chiffon upgrade once again to create a fall chiffon feast Simple colors more charming

Chiffon shirt can not only be used to cool the summer dress, but also make the autumn more colorful, comfortable and lightweight chiffon fabric, chiffon to upgrade again in the fall, hot summer has passed, cool chiffon more prominent in the fall Importance, fresh chiffon soft style decorate the autumn is not the same childhood. Photo credit: DeeShaoxi 2013 Autumn The new chiffon has many colors, but also stitching, but the solid color will never be out of date. The solid color will not only make the dress more fresh, but also give a comfortable feeling, the girls all Dress up, September school season chiffon upgrade, so that your classmates a new look. Photo credit: Deeche children's clothing 2013 autumn new white long chiffon shirt, stitching lace princess flower sleeve design, the white itself is the more pure color, take a nine points washed white jeans, so that the autumn pants wear out of youth Years, white chiffon shirt, without any embellishment, clear dress, like the girls pure.

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