Meet Summer Showy & Co women to create a small white fresh

Meet the summer, the hot summer, do a little white Department of fresh. Showy & Co. Fashion Women's Wear , launched in the summer of this year white single product, with relaxed, stylish, elegant, romantic, sexy as the main expression, so that every pursuit of independent self-confidence of women, all the time not to distribute noticeable Feminine, but also the use of lace, fungus and other elements, reveal young women's small fresh temperament, take a look at it!


Delicate and elegant jacquard patterns, bringing a sense of luxury crafted. Pure white silhouetted white makeup jade white skin, but also revealed the elegant charm.


White shirt with white shorts, interpretation of women's free and easy skill, but also adds noble qualities. Stacked fungus edge design, creating superior three-dimensional, elegant touch of taste.

Cold-Proof Tree Wrapped Non-Woven Fabric

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